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So I feel like I’m missing something what does it mean by “ignore this restriction if your squad contains Ezra Bridger” 


What is confusing me is it’s a Scum only card and Ezra is a Rebel Only card so how would this work? Are they gunna release a Scum Ezra? A rebel Maul? 

And what is the restriction it refers to? 

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So, are we all agreeing that the current wording of Maul is breaking Epic and should beerrated to being No-Epic asap?
I predict this future;

2019 Errata: Maul is Small and Large ship only.
2021  Errata: The Ezra Bridger  Exeption works only for the faction restriction.

2021 Errata comes alongside the imperial version of ezra...

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1 hour ago, theBitterFig said:

It's not like Maul in Epic is *that* much better than crew-Dengar...

Actually, he is.  We have an epic league going and one of the things you quickly realize is that you need a lot of generic fighters if you want to output enough damage.  That means only one dice to reroll for Dengar.


Maul on a CR-90, however, can fully reroll every attack that the ship does (unlike the 1 attack of the C-Roc).  Add Esege for the focus, and you have a ship dealing 4 / 5 dice attacks with reroll and focus at range 3-5 (add an extra dice if you have Finn).  That can hurt, a whole lot.

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