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Unit Card Templates

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One of the things I love about this game (and miniature hobbies in general) is that the lore is flexible enough to enable you to make your own things. There are no rules in this game as to what your Daqan troops are "supposed" to look like, or whether Waiqar has colors his troops normally wear. Your elves don't even have to be Latari, per se. You can paint them as Drow or anything you want. The place where this freedom really falls apart for me though, is the unit cards! For one thing the art is all in the "standard" colors, but more importantly, the heroes are all named the same thing. It doesn't matter that my humans are from the country of Aegoran, wearing the colors of Dol Turath, Urgon, and Sirion; they're still being led by Kari Wraithstalker and Lord Hawthorne.

All that to say, how awesome would it be if FFG made the templates for the unit cards available, so we could fill in the names with whatever we wanted, and even have them colored the way we wanted?

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