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What is it?  Rune Wars Miniatures Tournament at Round table Games, Swiss rounds, constructed, no proxies.  These are friendly tournaments; teaching the game, camaraderie and having fun are just as important as the competition.

When does it happen?  Every Tuesday, from 6pm to 9pm

Where does it happen?  Round Table Games at 128 Main St., Ste. A Carver, MA 02330

What does it cost?  $5  (possibly affected by your position on our Nobility leaderboard)

What do you get?  EVERYONE will get something!  You will be able to choose from several prizes based on where you finish.  

1 Quest card punch.  Get 10 punches on your Quest card and you can use it for $5 off any paid tournament or event.  (see!reward-programs/c1yi0 here for details)

Chivalry points (1 point for every $ spent including the session fee).  These can be saved for free drinks/ snacks or discounts on products.  See details here.

Also earn Chivalry points based on how well you finished during the match.10 points for last, 20 for next to last, etc.,etc.

Join us for Rune Wars Miniatures at RTG!

The great powers of Terrinoth have clashed countless times over the ages, spilling the blood of man and beast alike on the battlefields of war. Through innumerable battles, armies have maneuvered and conquered, and legendary commanders have risen from the ashes to lead their warriors to victory and greatness. Now, you can take your place among those hallowed captains with Runewars Miniatures Game, a miniatures game of tactical, rank-and-file warfare, set in the realm of Terrinoth!

Round Table Games’ website

Round Table Games’ miniatures website

Round Table Games Rune Wars Miniatures leadeboards

Round Table Games’ rewards page

Round Table Games’ Facebook Page

Round Table Games’ Miniatures Facebook Group

Round Table Games’ message boards

Round Table Games’ Rune Wars message board pending

Offical Rune wars Miniatures website

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