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"Meta Dead" Ships & How To Fix Them

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I've been interested in how the meta of X-Wing Miniatures has molded and changed throughout the course of it's history, and how after every new release it morphs into a new one. For example when K-wing's were released they created a boom in bombs and the Imperial Raider created the Palp aces. But even though the meta changes constantly there are those ships that still strive through. However there have been numerous ships that have been left behind, I wouldn't say "Forgotten" but disregarded. The most significant that comes to mind is obviously the Bwing and the T-65 X-wing. People's opinions will often varie, regarding if a said ship is "Meta Dead" or not. So, I have created this thread for people to present their ship they believe is too weak to survive the current meta and how to buff them with a custom, Ship Specific Upgrade.
- Really looking forward to the various entries
-Comments are highly appreciated 

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