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74-Z Speeder Bike

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As this is the number one mini I'm looking forward to painting and playing, I wanted to get some community feedback. 

If im not mistaken, the speeder bike appears to be the only mini shown that has an alternate sculpt. The core box comes with the 2 man unit, one in a relaxed position, and the other shooting his blaster. The expansion on the other hand, has the relaxed pilot in addition to a pilot who is leaned forward and putting the pedal to the metal.

If fielding 2 bike units, how will you all denote your leaders? The blaster guy and speeding guy, with the relaxed guys as your generic pilots? Will you give the leaders a different paint scheme? Is everyone doing Endor brown speeders?

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maybe a shoulder pad?

helmet stripe?

stripes or emblems on the bikes blaster cover panels?

same with the rear of the bike, behind the seat (although that may get conspicuous during battle)


No matter which faction i go, i'm considering the same concepts. I'm fully expecting the tournament rules to follow runewars into the whole "squads must be identified in some way" and having that follow on to squad leads given how important they are to movement.

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