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Question About Wall of Earth

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New to Wiz War

My opponent cast an attack spell against me (sorry, I can't remember which one at this time).  It the top right portion of his card, his attack spell had the  "Adjacent" Icon-- i.e., the circle with the arrow.  And he was adjacent to me when it was cast.


I cast Wall of Earth in response.


He said I couldn't do that because the Wall of Earth Card says "The wall cannot block non-<line-of-sight icon> attacks."

So under his interpretation, the line of sight icon on the Wall of Earth Card represents  the category of spells which have the line-of-sight icon in the upper right of their cards.  He says  his attack spell was an Adjacent attack spell, not a line-of-sight attack spell.  He said that for my card to have worked, his attack spell would have specifically needed the line-of-sight icon in the upper right of his attack spell card, but since his card had the adjacent icon instead, therefore I cannot use my wall of earth to block it.

Is he right?

I would note that Page 10 of the instructions says that  "For a target to be adjacent, the caster must not only have clear line of sight to it, but must also be in the same square or the square next to the target."  

The Wall of Earth card also says "Wall of Earth is immune to damage, it blocks both <line of sight icon> and movement." 

So if he originally had line of sight to me, and then loses line of sight due to me casting the wall, what happens to his his adjacent attack spell?  HE had LOS at the time his attack spell was cast.

Or is it the case that I just can't cast the wall in the first place... as my spell cannot block adjacent attack spells.





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It's a legit move. If it's adjacent, it's also within the Line-of-Sight (this was clarified somewhere, but don't remember where). Long story short:

a) same square: is also both adjacent and line of sight
b) adjacent: is also line of sight

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