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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Disciples of the Dark Gods (Questions 1-10)

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1. How do I read this Date: [774536.1]? It's from the letter addresssing Seedworld-gamma-9.
Or is it even a date, I guess I might have been assuming, I've seen dates written oddly before.
——— > Could be a local dating system, or perhaps a form of page number. Up to the GM really. 
2. Is Nonoro the acutally used spelling of Nenoro which is a listed Inquisitor within the calixis?
I've seen Inquisitors with different spelled names than the list before, so I was wondering if it was a similar case.
———— > I’d imagine so, yes. Even the finest of autoscribes do make errors :)
3. Relating to #2 if it is a similar situation of change in spelling what is Sennacharib's original name? If known.
I've looked in the list of 200 and couldn't find anything similar. But that doesn't mean the name wasn't invented for the purposes of the fluff descriptions.
——— > See #2 :)
4. The opening letters to the sections (at least Hereticus/Xeno/Malleus) seem to relate to certain sections covered later. The Xeno letter being the Amaranthine Syndicate. What does the Hereticus letter cover?
It seems like a version of the Night Cult, but I could always be wrong.
———— > It could be if that’s how a GM wants to run that cult, but it’s equally valid to say that a GM could use them to create another cult. I’d rather leave it ambiguous to be honest. 
5. Is it that only the Psykana Obscura talents are available for Elite Advances? Or are the powers an Elite Advance too, becasue it just says the PCs can take them when learning new powers?
I ask because the introduction section in Psykana Obscura has the line "...but GMs are free to also make them available to Acolytes if they wish, as Elite Advances."
Or is it that Psychic Powers are already only gained in a non trainable way so the Elite Advance system doesn't really matter?
———— > The latter, talents and powers.
6. An Untouchable may never gain Pure Faith, but can they be affected by those powers?
———— > Yes.
7. Concerning Agony's Overbleed, does it mean to say for every 5 points by which the threshold is exceeded, another target can be affected? The working of second seems to imply numberical limit.
———— > Yes, 10 would mean two more, etc. 
8. Do Hexagrammic Wards protect against Soul Killer? Or only Pentagrammic Wards?, it says if the armor is warded, but then only lists the section containing pentagrammic wards.
————— > Yes, they do protect. It’s a psychic attack. 
9. Which side do you think the Temple Tendency would take in the events of "The Apostasy Gambit"? Would they side with Cardinal Ignato, or would they strike out on their own since there is so much discord in the sector now being divided by religious lines? Would they declare the revived Drusus an abomination since they don't seem keen on any saints really? Or something else? Since I've never read the adventure trilogy, yet, I don't know if that's mentioned.

Or, is that just one more thing up to GMs?
———— > I’m thinking they wouldn’t follow Drusus, but after you read the trilogy let me know what you think. It’s possible their leaders might have become bewitched into following the false saint though.  
10. Is Deacon Priam from House Verence? Or is Priam his last name, and therefore the name of the family, as it states that an Inquisitor comes from the Deacon's family and there is an Inquisitor Titus Priam.
————— > If the GM wants him to be, sure. See #4. 

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