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Echoes of the Past player cards review

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Pack review time,  I just picked this up and had a chance to play a bit of Carcosa with at least some of these cards.,  Echoes of the Past was a fun pack!  (No spoilers except for player cards here)

Heroic Rescue:  Looks interesting.   Pressing the role of Guardian as a sort of a tank.   Could be very useful to help guard your seeker against damaging enemies.   It sort of functions like a Taunt in some ways by giving you a Fast engagement, but also deals 1 damage.   I can see some opportunity for use of this in multiplayer when your ally is at your location and wants to do something that might provoke an AoO, you could use Heroic Rescue and take the AoO, get the enemy off your friend, and deal a damage.   That seems the best use of this card to me....  is that something you can regularly set up, and is the pay-off worth it?   I don't know for sure yet.  

Combat Training/Moxie/Plucky/Grounded:   These get reviewed together.   So, the theme here is that (with the exception of Grounded) you can spend resources to buff the best stat for your class, or the worst stat for your class.   In principle, that's sort of nice.  You buff your strengths and cover your weaknesses at the same time.  Resource cost is only 1, cheap, XP cost is 1, not bad either.  And then it's got that weird text that you have to assign Horror to that card first,  so it's fairly easy to get rid of these.    Hm...   Ok,   so my first thought was that maybe I run this from Seeker, because they have a lot of places (mostly allies) where you can assign Sanity damage before having to destroy your Scientific Theory.  But then again, since Higher Education exists:  pumping your Lore 1:1 isn't that great,  pumping your combat is -and this is the difficulty with all of these cards- going to be very expensive to make it worth it.  

Grounded looks interesting because it doesn't say +1 Willpower,  so....  does this imply we are going to get some spells later on that don't rely on the Willpower stat?   Maybe it does.   Mystic like seeker has some places to put sanity damage, making this a bit more attractive...  I think this might be the best one of the group.   And even if this goes away, 1 extra sanity I don't have to take is welcome too on a mystic when you are burning through your sanity with spells.

I quite like Combat Training, but there are less places available for Guardian to put sanity damage, would take a specific deck type.   Roland has some options here, and Skids likes both of these stats very much, making it more attractive.

Moxie:  Maybe Skids likes this too for the Willpower boost..   but I feel the stats here boosted are a bit less attractive than the others.   But maybe Sefina likes this because of her access to Mystic cards.

Anatomical Diagrams:  I like this a lot,  this is what Expose Weakness should have been.  No xp, fast, low cost, no check, instant -2/-2 to a non-elite enemy.   This can help you evade, or help your ally fight.   Enemies with a very low combat or evade stat (2 or less) get reduced to 0 which is a big deal, allowing for easy evades.   This lets Seekers handle very weak enemies without help,   or you can assist your fighters.   I played with this a bit, and it was very helpful!

Knuckleduster:   Ick.   I don't want to give an enemy retaliate, with no bonuses, on top of my already mediocre Rogue combat stats.  No thanks.  There are better weapons available.   I understand the value of 2 damage but yikes,  with no straight up bonus to combat checks, it's too dangerous.

David Renfield:   Well...  I had to google what Eschatology was.    Anyway, he's not bad.   Mystic doesnt have too many allies available to he is welcome with his cheap cost and reasonable reserves of HP and Sanity.  He's much like Dr. William T. Maleson, I think.   Nice,  but mostly there for the HP.  His cost is quickly mitigated by a free resource during the Witching Hour, as well with a handy +1 Willpower on that turn as well.  While it's interesting to try to churn Doom on him every turn and make a ton of money off of him, I'm not sure this is going to be his primary function.   But I've not really played him yet,  maybe he could be very good for this purpose.

Cherished Keepsake:  Like it a lot.   Haha... Mr. Pawterson!   What a good name.

Reckless Assault/Say your Prayers/Desperate Search/Run for your Life:     Hm.   I think Reckless Assault is the best of the bunch here, because I feel it's usually more important to have a very high combat value than a very high Lore value, for instance.   Specifically I like Reckless Assault with a Shotgun, because you want to succeed by a very high amount.   Guardians probably don't have much problem getting to 3 sanity or less.  Skids might like this a lot too.   I can see a case for Say Your Prayers in mystic.   Run for your Life could be useful in a seeker, who needs a panic button to escape an enemy....  but the Sanity requirement is much harsher in that case.  

One final thought:   If you are a Ashcan Pete fan this pack has some nice things for you.   Pete often runs resource-light with Dark Horse, so the 4 icon skill cards are all very helpful to him, especially since it's easy to get down to 3 sanity with him,   but no worries because you still have Duke, and maybe a Cherished Keepsake to keep you in the game!   Plucky is also great on Pete, allowing you to activate Dark Horse easily,  and you can guard it with Duke and Cherished Keepsake.  William Yorrick likes the teddy bear a lot too!!

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