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Armada wishlist: What do you think is missing?

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I haven't seen one of these in a bit(at least not on the first two pages) and I'm curious, what holes do you think each faction needs plugged? 

I was looking at "rapid launch bays" and I don't see any squadron the imperials could really use this with like the rebels can with b-wings/h-6's. So what I'd like to see added to the imperials is a two die bomber (outside of the firespray). 

What do you want to see added practically, not thematically?

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  • Probably upgrades with different tiers. So an upgrade that can cost like 2/5/7 points and has different effects at each tier or something. 
  • More dual-slot upgrades
  • More titles
  • More ship cards
  • A playable version of Point Defense Reroute
  • More Interdictor titles and Experimental Retrofits
  • e: Offensive retrofits that feel explicitly "offensive"
  • e: Ion cannons that have more impactful critical effects
  • e: Upgrades that modify anti-squadron batteries on ships
  • e: Ordnance upgrades that drop mines or something

In terms of Imperials:

  • An admiral that's focused on damage mitigation (a la Cracken, Mothma)
  • A nice beefy broadship

For Rebels:

  • More dice quality in the form of an admiral (a la Vader, Screed)
  • More weapons teams

Though maybe it's best to keep the two factions distinct and asymmetric rather than trying to equalize and plug what I imagine are intentional "holes." 

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58 minutes ago, Ardaedhel said:

A Rebel Experimental Retro platform to balance the Fleet Command the Imps are getting.

I agree with that, I suspect if they move into the new trilogy ships rebels will get one. 


39 minutes ago, GrandAdmiralCrunch said:

More Flotillas. More Medium Rebels. More large Imperials. Maybe a huge base for both sides?

I like all of these things, though I'm curious where the line between flotilla and small ship ends up, especially points cost wise.  the hammerhead is already nearly a flotilla  


1 hour ago, Ardaedhel said:


Lol. I actually want them to go into clone wars too but ya, i like the irony of my request being ignored completely(or intentionally) by the first two responses. 


11 minutes ago, FoaS said:

Token-based guided weapons.

More variations in weapon dice than red, black, and blue.

More room in the sliding scale on the top end to allow for larger ships.

By token based guided weapons do you mean like torpedoes in BFG? I don't love that idea, as each of the weapons are "supposed" to have associated colors(black ord, blue ion, red turbo) but i can understand the request. In the same way I'm curious what the fourth die type would be and how you would introduce the dice to the game(dice packs are 3 colored so far, intro a second die pack that's only "green"?). 

I agree that something will need to be done when they include "huge" ships movement wise, let alone if they do epic ships. I really hate the way x-wing does it's epic ships movement, it's so different. 

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Squadron Upgrades (conservatively, I don’t want X-wing within Armada.)

Combative flotillas like the Braha’tok gunship

Task Force titles for older ships, including task forces that work accross more  than one ship type.

Actual minefields, not just the objective. 

A reverse version of Rapid Launchbays to dock squadrons already on the field. Maybe take it further to fix docked squadrons with a repair command and launch them again later with a squadron command.

Dual Cards: I don’t care what they do, I just think they’re cool. Maybe something that buffs different commands depending on the faceup side of the card.

An upgrade that allows you move shields above the shield value for a hull zone, with the caveat that the zone you take the shields from must be reduced to zero shields. 

I could do this all day, but I have to get my kid from school. Adulting is hard. :D

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I would love to see more utility upgrades; things that inspire dirty tricks and unconventional tactics rather than simply deal more damage or take less damage. Along these same lines, let me second this:

1 hour ago, Ardaedhel said:

A Rebel Experimental Retro platform

  • As was mentioned, more dual upgrades, like a Support Team/Defensive Retrofit. Give me a reason to fill those slots on a CR-90 (with something besides engine techs and RBD cheese)
  • More unique upgrades, especially outside the officer slot. I'm happy to see a unique, named character Rebel Weapons Team in the Profundity, I've been looking forward to something like that for a while. I think Chewbacca and R2D2 could make for a good Support Team, seems like they're always running around to keep the Falcon flying
33 minutes ago, GalacticFister said:

Offensive retrofits that feel explicitly "offensive"

  • This too. Most Offensive Retros seem to deal with the squadron game which is fine, but I want to see more in the same vein as Disposable Capacitors
  • Also some alternate versions of unique characters, especially on the Rebel side. Soon(ish) there will be 3 different ways to bring Vader; I'd like to see commander versions of Luke, Wedge, or Lando. Granted, this is mostly a thematic consideration, put it does create a different sort of opportunity cost for bringing that version of that character, even more so in the Corellian Conflict. I've honestly found myself trying to use both versions of Leia in the same list before... Also gives an opportunity to explore a different aspect of that character: Vader, Ace Pilot vs. Vader, Ruthless Commander vs. Vader, Hall Monitor One Man Boarding Party

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Very, very little; Dornean Gunship, Executor, another campaign or scenario book. A Rogue One or ROTJ campaign would be very awesome! A Rebels campaign would also be cool, and would probably be a better fit for Armada as a game. More ship titles would always be nice. Honestly there is much less to differentiate new ships compared to several years ago when the game was released, so I don't think Armada really needs much more. It's a pretty mature game.


For my own personal nostalgic reasons I would love to see bulk freighters, dreadnoughts, and Nebulon B-2's, but I don't really think they would add much gameplay-wise.

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45 minutes ago, TallGiraffe said:

Vindicator for a lighter version of a VSD but tougher and more fire power than an Arquitens. 

gawd i want a medium weight brawler for around 70/75 points. The VSD is trying to do too much, the interdictor isn't a brawler and too "jack of all trades" for me. It can be speed 2, just give it SOME type of maneuverability that i don't have to take damage to use. 

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More flotillas, definitely. Also, some more classic ships - the Carrack-class cruiser and the Katana fleet Dreadnaught would be some good additions that would meet the medium-weight brawler request. I'd also like to see the Mon Cal MC40c as kind of a slightly lighter jack-of-all-trades Immobilizer-418 Interdictor, for the Rebels.

Also, a pre-Rogue One or Return of the Jedi campaign (taking place around the Sullust Sector and the Sanctuary Pipeline) would be awesome.

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I enjoyed the inclusion of new squadrons in the Campaign, and I like the fact we're getting some new variants of the ISD - I'd love to see more variants for earlier ships across the board. When we have I-class and II-class ships, why not III-class? For example, we've got the Corvus coming out with the new Battlefront II, as Inferno Squad's flagship: how about a new variant of Raider, maybe with red dice instead of blue? Or, in the 'Battlefront: Twilight Company' novel, they use a converted CR90 as a troop carrier: how about adding a black rather than blue dice on the CR90a, and giving it the slots to do a boarding action, but no turbolaser?

Literally just spitballing, and by no means suggesting these as excellent ideas, but it'd be fun to see a new take on old ships: not fixing them, but giving them a new flavour. You could release them as part of a new campaign in the same way they did with the CC squadrons - maybe one variant for each wave I and II ship (except the ISD)?

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I’d really like to see Rebel & Imperial starter sets. 


Vindicator (Small Base)

IPV-1 System Patrol Craft (Flotilla)

x2 TIE Fighters

x2 TIE Bombers



MC40 (Small Base)

DP20 Corellian Gunship (Flotilla)

x2 X-Wings

x2 Y-Wings


the Small Base Ship would have good firepower and good survivability, but would be slower then the others. They would be the Anvil.

the Flotillas would be fast and hit hard, but would be glass cannons. They would be the Hammers. 

The fighters would help teach their screen/Bomber roles. 

Release it with dice, new damage decks, and everything new players would need to play for around $50 MSRP. 



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More experimental retrofit upgrades more objectives and rotating objectives for Armada tournament "seansons" and really the only thing that is wanting in Armada for me is dreadnoughts so SSD and the Viscount star defender I'm not supper picky about scale and I don't really understand why people are so passionate about scale I'm fine with the sliding scale just making SSD at least as big as two ISDs and have it sit higher on it's stand and I feel like I would be ok with that.

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More medium ships to the Imperials.

Lancer Frigatte.

And a stronger bomber squadron.


For Rebels I would love to see:

Dauntless Cruiser 

Liberator Cruiser 

Corellian gun ship 

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