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A little disillusioned

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3 minutes ago, tenchi2a said:

Lucky for me I was at hot training in the Air Force when it can out, so I saw the reviews before I got it.

Due to the backlash from that it will never happen again. :)

it was a good book, tho'. But $19.95 +S&H for a rickroll .... 

While I wouldn't have paid for a Qolat setting book, once I had it, I put it to use. 

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The biggest thing I have to say about 4th edition is, AEG seemed like they didn't print or re-print enough core books ever, it's like they just gave up on it so I never, ever found a book or any supplements that we're not going for unreasonable prices and all I currently had was the 3rd revised edition and a bunch of supplements for it.  Now I have FFG's version and pre-ordered everything I could this time around so I could play the latest version and so far it seems to be fine to me, I was tired of the old d10 roll and keep stuff anyhow.  I had 1st & 2nd editions and when I got 3rd, I dumped them.  4th was bought up like wildfire so I can't comment on it too much as to play style but I figure it was the same as 3rd pretty much.

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