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Flying Monsters

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Sorry for the brainless question, but my game group had been playing like this:


If a flying monster is in the sky, and it's symbol comes up, it must attack someone in a street.  

(OK, yep, that's good...got it)

If there are no Investigators in the street, the flying monster is returned to the cup.  

(I can't find where this is in the rules, and I'm not sure why we started doing that.)  

Can anyone confirm or deny this method of playing flying monsters?

Thanks in advance!!








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Flying monsters, like all monsters, only move when their symbol is up. However, their actual movement depends on a few things.

If the monster is not in the sky:

  • If the monster is in a space with an investigator, it does not move.
  • If the monster is in a space (other than the sky) without an investigator, but there is an investigator in an adjacent STREET space, it moves there (lowest sneak value breaks ties between multiple investigators).
  • If there is no adjacent street with an investigator in it, the flying monster moves to the sky.

If the monster is in the sky:

  • If there is at least one street with an investigator in it, the monster moves to that space. If there are multiple possible targets, the investigator with the lowest sneak is chosen.
  • If there are no valid targets, the monster remains in the sky. It does not get returned to the cup!

Letting monsters pile up in the sky is a good way to keep monsters out of your way, but too many in the sky will make the streets dangerous and the outskirts will overflow more often.

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