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"Smite the Wicked" & "Lost in Time & Space." Contains spoilers

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My friend and I just played Lost in Time & Space for the first time. Great scenario!

A situation arose and we weren't sure what to do. I was playing Zoey and I drew my "Smite the Wicked" weakness card during upkeep whose Revelation effect reads (my emphasis): " Discard cards from the top of the encounter deck until an enemy is discarded. Attach Smite the Wicked to that enemy and spawn it at the location farthest from you."

The way the board was at the time, there were locations that were 1 away from me and 2 away from me but there was also the "Dimensional Doorway" location which was, at the time, a location to which we had no way to travel. We weren't sure whether we should put it at a location that was 2 moves away or at the Dimensional Doorway which we had no access. We felt it was more Lovecraftian to put it at Dimensional Doorway so that's what we did but I'm curious if there has been a ruling on how "far away" an inaccessible location is considered to be and it it's to be treated as the "furthest" location from you. For this particular scenario it was more-or-less moot because it's not like I'll be playing that character after this scenario so a mental trauma wasn't something I was sweating but I'd be interested to know if a situation like that occurs in a future scenario.

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