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Be nice and friendly to them. Don't be afraid to ask for advice from some of the more experienced players. On top of that, don't be afraid to ask questions during the game. 99% of X-Wing players shouldn't have any problem answering questions/giving advice and at least being fun people to play with. 

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If there's room on a table near by, bring your ships & your list out so they know why you're there.

So often, I've seen guys just hanging back, lurking, hoping to get invited to play or spoken to but we have no idea that they want to join in. They bring in a generic box or bag like they came in to buy something but got interested in the game going on and just want to watch.

DON'T try to be the charming, awesome dude that is wittier than everyone else and has better anecdotes. That guy doesn't last long and is often talked about (derisively) after he leaves, "Do you believe that guy? Says his dad was in grade school with George Lucas. What a dope." While I'm here, it should go without saying, don't bring up politics or religion; it's not the time or place.

DO introduce yourself by name and let your opponent know it's your first time playing in a store setting. "Hey, I'm Doug. I've played at home with my cousin, but I wanted to try out playing in a store and see if I've been doing it right. Let me know if I'm messing up."

Bring one or two simple lists you are comfortable with. You don't need to bring your whole collection either. Keep it in your trunk, out of sight if you really need to bring stuff "just in case". There will be other nights to bring out crazier, killer lists.

Play a clean game. Be deliberate in your placement of dials on the table and movement of your ships. Ask you opponent to mark a ship if it helps you make your movement.

Try not to bump ships with your hands. You'll inevitably knock something our of skew. Don't sweat it, it happens.

Don't expect to win.

Do be gracious.


Before your trip:

Make a checklist the night before of the things you need and go through it:

Ships, dials, bases, maneuver templates, dice, range ruler, damage deck, tokens, Pilot cards & upgrades. Print out your list as a back-up and to show your opponent. Everything but the range ruler can fit in a standard size pencil box.

Place your keys with your ships. People show up without ships sometimes because they rushed or were too nervous in their early days of X-wing.

And bring some water.


Good luck and hope you have a nice time.

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6 hours ago, Pooleman said:

Hey boys,


I’m driving to my (not so) local game store to play my first game of X-Wing with strangers. I’m pretty nervous. Any tips or advice on making this a good experience?

The only thing I can add to what's been said is this; remember It's only a game. 

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