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5 pts on assajj ventress.... What to do?

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The best cards are going to be:

  • Latts Razzi (2) - saving damage is nice
  • Push the Limit (3) - Focus + Evade, and combo with Latts for maximum tankiness
  • K4 Security Droid (3) - Rerolls are fine, and it'd combo neatly with Gyroscopic Targeting
  • Gyroscopic Targeting (2) - Keeping arc is huge, for both stress control and doing damage
  • Shadowcaster Title (3) - Tractors can be strong.  Tossing people onto rocks is great, particularly if they haven't shot yet, or if you have other ships which need to attack
  • Lone Wolf (2) - In a 2-ship list, if you don't have it on the other ship, Lone Wolf might be worth considering.  It'll depend on the geometry of the list.  Some lists it just doesn't really work.

If you take a pair of 2s, I'd go with Burnout SLAM to fill the last point.

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