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Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

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4 minutes ago, Rabobankrider said:

@Shlambate, so you don't see anything massively useful beyond what the file says, but you suspect he is in the military for the thrill and honour of it. 

@SithArissa, can you do an average negotiation check with a boost and a setback to get the owner to talk?

@BeingofMortis, I do need to hear from you soon if you are remaining in the campaign. 

Negotiation: 1eB+3eA+2eD+1eS 1 success, 2 threat


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@Vergence, can you do me an average perception check please. 

@SithArissa, thanks for the awkward role 😛 

@Shlambate, @Tramp Graphics or @AdvocatXD, I'm gonna need one of you guys to continue the questioning. 

@BeingofMortis, unfortunately with your inactivity I am going to have to remove you from the campaign. 

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5 minutes ago, Rabobankrider said:

Because this is a nemesis name character, it will require a vs discipline check (2eC+2eD). You are welcome to try though. 

: 2eC+2eD+2eP+1eA 1 success, 2 threat

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