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@Tramp Graphics, if you can put up an ic post to respond to @satkaz's question, I can carry on with that section. 

@Vergence, did you want to do an average discipline roll to represent your meditation, see if you can get a triumph for your precog. 

@Matt Skywalker, I know you're planning to do some investigating during dinner, but what do you want to do before then?

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3 minutes ago, KungFuFerret said:

Regarding Gaze, since it seems like you are working towards a dinner scene, unless you want some further action to take place, I'm fine with Gaze just going to his room and chilling until that new combined scene.   

There might be a traffic Jam in your way. You never know.

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7 minutes ago, Rabobankrider said:

Haha, I hadn't actually thought of that to be honest. With everyone about to take off I'd say he may just have to risk it without if that's cool. To be fair jedi usually seem to go without so I wouldn't worry. 

That's fine with me. I'll say there's a communications headset that Mal gives to Walden in order for Walden to communicate.

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