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Make your own Deployment Cards - in five minutes or less!

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Hi everyone, a few people have asked whether it would be possible to translate (or "localize") the card editor into different languages. Until now, I've always said no - unfortunately this would be too much work.

While it would indeed be far too much work to translate the entire editor interface for non-English languages, I was given the idea today (merci, Julien!) that actually, only the titles of the stats need to change, to make cards usable by non-English-speaking players. All the other text on the cards is entered by the user, so can be in whatever language they see fit.


It's a bit awkward to make this work I'm afraid, and you will need to repeat this each time you download a new version - but new versions are so rare now that hopefully, you won't find that a problem - you may only ever need to do this once.

  • Download and unzip the app as normal.
  • Find the file "ImpAss.CardEditor.exe.config" in the folder where you unzipped the app.
  • Open that file with Notepad (or other text editor of your choice).
  • Find the following lines, and edit the values as appropriate for the language of your choice.
    <add key="HealthText" value="Health"/>
    <add key="SpeedText" value="Speed"/>
    <add key="DefenseText" value="Defense"/>
    <add key="AttackText" value="Attack"/>
  • For example, for your cards to be rendered in French, you would change it to look like this:
    <add key="HealthText" value="Vie"/>
    <add key="SpeedText" value="Vitesse"/>
    <add key="DefenseText" value="Defense"/>
    <add key="AttackText" value="Attaque"/>
  • Save the .config file, run the app as normal, and design your cards!

As always, you can download the latest version, which includes these changes, from here. Enjoy!

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Posted (edited)


Idea for a hero for some box set. (forgot to indicate that it is a unique figure oof)

CC: Blackmail (2 points)

Look at your opponents hand. Choose a card from their hand, then choose a hostile figure. Your opponent must discard that card or the chosen figure suffers strain equal to the cost of that card.

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A new version of the app is now available, with quite a big change...

  • The application is now installed via an installer (.msi), rather than unzipping a .zip file.

As well as being generally a bit more professional, this enables some of the following features, that are new in this version:

  • File associations - so you can double-click on a .iadc file and it'll open it straight in the app. Much easier to use!
  • Fix for incorrect "unsaved changes" warnings.
  • Fix initial directories for file dialogs (because you might not have card files in the same folder as art files).
  • Maybe now works in Windows 7 and 8? Or maybe not. I don't really know to be honest. Might be worth a try. But don't hold your breath.

You can download the installer from here.

Let me know if any problems.

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First the bad news - the installer for the Deployment Card Editor is no longer available. 😯

Now the good news - that's because it's been wrapped up into the Kensei Imperial Assault Tools Suite! 😆 Check that other thread for details.

I suggest we let this thread die a graceful death (and if a mod is able to lock it, I'd appreciate it).

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