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Twin Troopers Podcast: Gamorrean Guards

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Loved it!


I'm going to try this list for fun tomorrow:

eGamorrean [8]

eGamorrean [8]

eNexu w Feeding Frenzy [7]

Maul [7]

eClawdite [6]

rJawa [2]

Black Market [1]

Devious Scheme [1]


The Clawdite can hand out some defense on round 1 while you rush across, then change to sniper to pick off targets. It can sit on a terminal possibly, or otherwise the Jawa can. Black Market to get a few cards out of the Jawa (maybe it's worth it, to change those to a rClawdite instead). CCs are movement and brawler/melee cards mostly.

Some possible changes:

rJawa+BM+DS => rClawdite OR Greedo

eGamorrean => Shyla OR Bossk.

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