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Q3 (+possibly Q4), Woking, UK

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45 minutes ago, Ginkapo said:

What time does it start and what is parking like? 

Star Wars: Armada Event
Saturday 4th Nov
Capped at 10 players

10:00 Reg for 10:30 am Round 1 Start
400 Points.
3 Rounds @ 135 minutes.
3ft x 6ft Play Area.
A fleet cannot exceed 400 points, though it may contain fewer than 400 points. A player may choose to field a Rebel or Imperial fleet. A player’s fleet cannot contain more than 134 points worth of squadrons. A fleet must also include a single commander and one objective card from each noncampaign category. Players must use the same fleet for the duration of the tournament


Number of Registered Players Number of Swiss Rounds Size of Cut
4-32 3 No Cut
33-48 4 No Cut
49 and Above 5 No Cut
Ibuywargames is only a short walking distance from Woking Train and Bus Station. 22mins From London Waterloo.
For those coming from further afield, there is parking available in the Peacocks Shopping Centre, Wolsey Place Shopping Centre, or Victoria Way Car Park.

Ibuywargames Woking
56 Chertsey Road
01483 772031

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Thanks Green Knight. I should probably include that event description in the first post.

Anyway, I used Victoria Way Car Park and it's fine. Back of the shop is just opposite side of the road so you just need to walk around building.

Here's link to tickets and event description if you happen to do not use FB: Q3 @ Ibuywargames

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Ah, sadly I now have family visiting so it's nixed any chance of a tournament this weekend. :(

I'm planning to get to a tournament at a new store near Stratford (East London) on the 18th though.

Hope this weekend goes well and you get good attendance.

I don't know what your real life identity is. Feel free to pm if you want to reveal your alter ego!

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