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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about The Inquisitor's Handbook (Questions 111-120)

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111. Are the Sisters of the Void related in any way to the Sisters of Silence?
———— > Nope.
112. Tell me there's some more stuff on Vitrian, the Heronoris 88th (Would it be Heronor, or Heronoris that the 88th are from), the 4th Epocanus Crusade, and where was Spire City? Sounds super cool.
———— > All there is is all there is, but that just means there is lots of space for GMs to develop it further in their own way.
113. What is an Excoritator? And why are their gilded bolt shells important?
———— > Excoriators are just another fun title that players can apply to their Acolytes depending on their Inquisitor. The gilded bold shell is their “badge” that they use to present their authority. GMs and players though should create more on their own, as each Inquisitor operates in their own unique manner. 
114. Does XP spent on Contacts (and alter egos if you use the table) count towards rank progression?
—— — > Good question! I’d say yes. 
115. If you are buying a contact to reduce an item's availability/price is it only for a single purchase? Or is it any item you try to acquire from then on within a group (or all items if that level is bought)?
——— > The latter. 
116. There is no description in either the book or the pdf of "...has a Talent" for table 9-1 in the Contacts section. Do you have one?
———— > Basically, if you want a contact to have a talent, you have to pay 50/talent. Where applicable, talents can help them in aiding you. 
117. From Trade armourer there's a typo the phrase ". No Acolyte, however skilled, can create or repair weaponry from the Age of Technology." is missing just which age of technology it is. Obviously Golden/Dark age are just as esoteric, but if you have the right descriptor I'd be interested in knowing.
———— > The Dark Age, 
118. Does the npc being compelled with a Command test still need an Intelligence test to realize they've been used? Is it not a bit obvious? I ask because it states it works the same way as charm which includes a test for them to realize what just happened.
———— > Up to the GM really; for lower level NPCs it probably isn’t necessary for example. 
119. Is there really no expanded entry for Interrogation? There seems to be one for every other skill.
———— > Not to my knowledge, no. 
120. In the expansion for First Aid the optional rule for difficulty modification by damage type is the last entry for Energy at the Critical level intended to be Difficult. All of the other damage types increase at each step.
———— > Good find. I’m betting it should be Hard, yes. 

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