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A car designer builds a TIE Fighter

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Found this in my newsfeed, a car designer at Audi who dabbles in concept art as well. So enjoy this TIE Fighter design, and think of it as a collaboration between the Galactic Empire and a German car manufacturer.

(Jason Battersby's page of work here)


Out of the shadows comes the Tie-X, Vader’s secret advanced Tie-Fighter project. Only a handful escaped the Death Star before it’s untimely demise. These advanced Tie-Fighters were built to be the most agile in the Empire, carrying out secret missions for Vader across the galaxy.


















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Yeah, the guy does good work - the rest of the (non-star wars) stuff his page is of similar quality.

I'm thinking these will go on the "To use later down the road" pile. Not sure what stats I'd attach, but mechanics is just a trifle.

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cool artwork. My belly tells me it is like a heavier version of the interceptor, but also with more expensive parts, so give it the stats of an A-Wing, but maybe havier weapons instead of a hyperdrive. And something tells me this thing can shot a lot of rockets, or maybe lay mines or has some advanced electronic warfare stuff on board.

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