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Discord L5R Assistant Bot. (dice roller)

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The bot can do L5R dice rolls


Two ways to use the L5R Bot

Dedicated Discord server

  • Hop on the dedicated "L5R Assistant Bot Server" and just use L5R Bot 24/7.  
  • No setup required! 
  • Up to date with the newest Hot-ness
  • https://discord.gg/mvqj7sy (My server for help) 

Invite L5R Bot to your discord server

  • Add L5R Bot to your own server
  • up to date with the newest hot-ness


  • !roll: rolls any combination of L5R dice and returns results.
  • !help: displays help info



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!Keep: ie !keep 12 - keeps the first, second, and discards the rest of the dice

!Add: ie !add ww - adds specified dice to previous dicepool.

!Reroll: ie !reroll 12 - rerolls the first and second dice without modifying the rest of the dicepool


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21 hours ago, blut_und_glas said:

The user specific roll function was the one thing I was really missing from this. Thank you for implementing that even before I came round asking for it. :)

No problem, @Yandia asked for it on the discord server (link in OP).  It's a new idea since the rolls are more involved than the roles for SWRPG or genesys.  Any other improvements?

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