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Better playtest readability suggestions

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I'm coming to this party late, but last night my play group sat down and made characters.  There was a lot of nit-picky comments, but readability and absorption of the rules is important at this stage.

Things that can help:

  1. Lots of phones and smallish tablets used as reading devices.  Any font under 18pt needs to be a readable font, not a stylized one.
  2. Thanks for the cross-reference links in the PDF.  But you need more.  Right now only page references are cross-linked.  Techniques and other reference elements should be hyperlinked to make character choices more discoverable.
  3. There is a lack of continuity between the character generation questions and the rule book in regards to Distinction, Adversity, Passion and Anxiety.  Questions are listed in the order D-Av-P-Ax, rules have them D-P-Ad-Ax.

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