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Mission 5: Preystalker - Mission Review (Firespray)

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13 hours ago, heychadwick said:

If it were up to me, I'd probably ban Miranda and Ashoka, but I'm a little more lenient on Biggs.  He's been there from the beginning and there are ways to either get around him or kill him fast.  If I had to leave one of those 3 on the list, he would be the one.    Ashoka just makes it impossible to even win if you don't have PS 9, while Miranda is just incredibly hard with SLAM and shield regen.   That combo is just a nightmare.   

What would be on your "soft list" of "let's try it without these, just to make it more sporting" (or gentleman's agreement sort).  

  • Biggs is on there.
  • Poe with Focus Bot would be really hard, too.  Not impossible, but hard.  Luke and R2-D2 would also be tough, but not as tough as the others.   
  • Any K-wing as that whole SLAM is obnoxious, even without regen.
  • Outrider with Dash is pretty obnoxious.  Oh, not utterly broken, but obnoxious.  I'd try it once or twice, but then want to see another ship.  
  • First Gen Chewbacca could be annoying.  Once again, not broken, but after a couple of times with it, I'd be happy to not play against it.  

What else?

I've always wanted to use this mission to reenact that time Tycho Celchu helped the rebels steal a Decimator.  Tycho in the Decimator would be the bounty, of course, keeping his pilot ability and, for simplicity, PS7...not sure what an appropriate point cost would be.


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3 hours ago, FTS Gecko said:

There should be an additional victory condition for the Empire - the Firespray needs to survive and escape the board after the target is destroyed.

Because what's the use of a bounty if you aren't alive to collect it?

Well...that's the goal of the Bounty Hunter, but the Empire just wants the Bounty dead.   If the Bounty Hunter dies, too, that's what they call "win win".

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