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Double Blanks- A Star Wars: Destiny Podcast- Episode 21 'Rivals'

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 I want to play sealed, but I still want to play "competitive" cus I still want to play Luke. Sealed allows me to get new cards for my collection all while having a "jank COMPETITIVE" deck. Because in Sealed NO ONE is running the "competitive" stuff in constructed we are all running Jank stuff.  Also I LOVE the fact that I can play hero and villain cards together for broken combos that would never be played in any other format.

Edit: Several of the BIG issues as to why Shields do not = Damage and never will is you can only have 3 on a character at a time while damage can go as high as you can roll it till the character dies. Further Damage is a way to win the game, shields simply delay losing the game, Finally Damage is simply more abundant in noticeable amounts BECAUSE of the afformentioned can only have 3 on a character, and last but not least the reason shields are usually bad on dice is there are more efficient and stronger ways to get shields then from a 1 or 2 shield side on a character (Caution turns a blank into 3 shield side, Defensive stance turns a 1 resource into 2 shields, Take cover shows exactly how much 1 shield is worth in resources.... so on and so forth) and that isnt even talking about all the stuff to get around and remove shields.


Edit: Did anyone else notice something new on the characters.... specifically Onyo, she is "character-bounty hunter" rather then just "character" The New Han has "character-scoundrel" the Knew obi-wan has "character-Jedi" Wedge has "character-pilot" Boba fett Also has "character-Bounty hunter" Dr. Aphra also has "Character-Scoundrel" And the veteran stormtrooper has "character-trooper" this is something that does not appear on ANY of the other sets this may be a knew mechanic and may be erratad onto old characters as needed.



Edit: didnt even realize Character- Jawa, but seriously the Character-*** didnt exist before Legacy it was just straight "character" so I am curious what will become of that.

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