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Conflict Scene: Different names for same phase.

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Hi. In page 152, the phases of a conflict are called as:

Phase 1 - Assess the Scene

Phase 2 - Take Turns

Phase 3 - Resolution

Then, in page 153, under Phase 2 - Take turns, in the Rounds paragraph, you can read:

"Before any character acts during Phase 2: Perform Actions, a new round begins. Any effects that occur “at the beginning of the round” resolve. Then, starting with the character with the highest initiative and descending in order, each character takes one turn each round. After the turn of the last character in the initiative order ends, the round ends, and any effects that occur “at the end of the round” resolve. Then, the GM declares either that the conflict has ended (in which case, the conflict proceeds to Phase 3: Resolution) or that it has not ended (in which case, the participants repeat Phase 2: Perform Actions, beginning a new round). Certain types of conflict stipulate a specific number of rounds, while others can rage on until the characters achieve their objectives."

So here, Phase 2 -Take Turns, is renamed as Phase 2 - Perform Actions, which could lead to mistakes, moreso given that during the "Turns" section, there's a step called Step 3 - Perform Action.

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