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The big alternate formats thread!

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On 10/6/2018 at 5:26 AM, gadwag said:

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I made a post about my experiences with the custom app feature which is rather limited as it has rudimentary filters and basically on/off for all cards, and name and that is all you get to edit.

When updating my custom format for 2.0 and using the custom format as a work around I made a separate custom format for each faction combo (in my format) put a common Tag for all at the start of the title (just in case the custom formats get a search feature) and also a quick restriction reminder, then compiled links to all of the custom formats into a single thread. It was quite a work-around and still requires to step a little to far out of the App for comfort.


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With Second Edition becoming pretty solidly entrenched, and the meta settling down (for now), many of my local players have been looking for a palate-cleanser, a break from said (local) meta.  So I have developed with their assistance a version of Tron-Wing:

Tron-Wing v1.2.2

The base rule is that players do not remove templates from the board after executing a maneuver.  Templates are only removed after a ship overlaps, or if it is the sixth template at the end of a “trail.”  Each player starts with a stockpile of two of each maneuver template. If a pilot does not have a template in his stockpile, he cannot perform that maneuver.  If a pilot dials in a maneuver for which he does not have a template, the opponent on his right dials in a new maneuver for him. The game is flavored, the difficulty altered, via the rules variations below:


1: +/- combat:

1)No Combat - ship destruction is accomplished only via overlapping walls (or flying off the board edge) - just as in the Lightcycle game in Tron.

2) Ion Combat - ship destruction as above; however, ships may engage in combat, dealing ion tokens instead of damage.

3) Full Combat - full attack mode enabled with standard combat rules.  Sub-variants affect strength of walls.

      i) Overlapping a wall incurs complete destruction.

      ii) Overlapping a wall deals a face-up damage card.

      iii) Overlapping a wall incurs critical damage; alternatively overlapping incurs a Direct Hit.

      iv) “Opacity” of walls in combat modes:

            I) Complete opacity: no game effects (i.e.: attacking, locking, pilot abilities) allowed “through” walls.

            II) Obstruction, as per standard obstacles.

            III) No effect; walls only affect ships that overlap them, but otherwise have no effect on gameplay.


2: Ship/pilot selection:

1) Pure piloting: all players start with identical ships, pilots, and upgrades.

2) May the best ship win: determine starting points limit and build any old thing you want.


3: +/- obstacles - if used, choose how many per pilot, and allowed spacing. For example: standard six obstacles, or one per player to placed anywhere outside of Range 1 of any ship/edge/obstacle, etc.  Hard mode: two obstacles per player, overlapping causes instant destruction.


4: +/- respawn - if allowing respawns, use any agreed-upon number.  Then, for spice:

1) Start from your original starting location.

2) Use one or more of the core set’s Hyperspace points and roll a die to determine your respawn facing.  

      i) A Critical result allows you to choose your facing, or to use your original spawn point.  

      ii) If due to Light Wall placement there are no rolled locations that do not cause instant and immediate destruction, choose your spawn point from the original players’ starting locations.

3) If playing with larger numbers of players (4+) and allowing multiple respawns, a time limit is encouraged.


5: Initiative:

1) May be decided normally; i.e. lowest points gets to decide his place in the initiative order - or by random die roll.

2) Rolling initiative: after you are destroyed, you become First Player


Easy Mode might be requiring all pilots to fly Academy TIE fighters, full combat with no obstacles and zero wall opacity, and overlapping Walls causes a Direct Hit.  This is as close to standard X-Wing as it gets, except that the only “obstacles” are Light Walls.

Hard Mode might consist of large base ships only, no combat, and any number of obstacles.  Fly brilliantly, or fly doomed.

Pure Brilliant Easy Mode:  Walls are not removed after being crossed, and do not destroy ships but instead ionize them.  Full combat activated.

Escalation Mode:  Start with No Combat, but Combat Mode activates after a predetermined number of rounds or after a determined number of pilots have been eliminated.

Obstacle Escalation Mode:  Start with any standard version, and after a predetermined number of rounds begin placing obstacles on the board.  Perhaps they must be placed beyond Range 2 of any ship but may overlap Light Walls and other obstacles. Perhaps they may be placed anywhere beyond Range 1 of a ship, but cannot be placed within the forward arc.




Q: What happens when my opponent’s maneuver template overlaps my ship during his movement?  Does that wall really count as hitting me?

A: Yes.  That Light Wall just bisected your ship, resulting in the effect appropriate to the scenario - whether total destruction or critical damage or what have you.  It’s as if your opponent flew slightly below your ship in 3D space and the Light Wall extended for kilometers upwards, through your ship.


Q: What happens if I complete my maneuver through my opponent’s ship, laying a maneuver template (Light Wall) atop his ship and thus ensuring its destruction, but my maneuver ends on top of one his templates?  Do I survive this? Who is destroyed first?

A: Mutual effect is assured.  Be careful about playing chicken.


Q: What’s the deal with ion and tractor maneuvers?  Do you use a template? Won’t I run out too quickly?

A: Ion and tractor maneuvers do not leave behind a wall, as the ship performing them is not under its own power.  Use any available maneuver template, then return it to its owner’s supply just as in a normal game.


Q: What happens when I bump?  Do I overlap my own wall, resulting in my own destruction?

A: When you overlap another ship and are unable to complete your maneuver, you do not lay down and leave in place a maneuver template.  Think of it in a thematic sense: you are leaving a trail of Light Walls behind you as you fly, but we don’t have half templates and the Light Walls are not projected out in front of your ship; the template is simply removed as in a normal game with no effect.


Q: What happens when you overlap an obstacle?

A: You suffer the usual consequences of overlapping said obstacle, then the obstacle and the wall suffer any of the same effects that a ship would depending upon the game format.  Of course, if using the Ion Wall variation, rocks do not gain ion tokens or perform ion maneuvers. And debris clouds cannot suffer crits under shields regardless of the format. But in a total destruction scenario, the gas cloud would be destroyed.  Hard mode: overlapping an obstacle causes instant destruction of both ship and obstacle.


Edit: It should be recognized that TIE Phantoms and TIE Strikers are extremely difficult to use in this format due to their required pre-maneuver movements, and so maybe aren't suited to it.  We also haven't tested any ships with SLAM capabilities, which may be an over-powered mechanic.  And Aethersprites are just &^%&! insanely strong in mixed-ship games.

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