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Arkham Tales - An Arkham Horror Campaign

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Hello Investigators!

I've put together an Arkham Horror campaign. The campaign takes place over 10 scenarios, in which investigators will battle with dark horrors, learn about the Ancient Ones, complete important Quests, and - hopefully - save the world! 

You can find all of the campaign docs here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxWArq4VGrpsSHpyTkZnemNUc1k. The folder has four documents:

1) Rules and Scenarios. This outlines the rules for the full campaign as well as the 10 scenarios. You can safely read the rules and the first scenario without spoilers.

2) Objectives. These are the Objectives for the Campaign. This contains spoilers, so don't look at an objective until it is unlocked and taken at the beginning of a scenario.

3) Stories. This document contains the encounters and fiction to be read during the campaign. Do not read this unless required to by a game effect, as it is filled with spoilers. It basically reads like a "choose your own adventure." Each paragraph is numbered, so read the indicated paragraph when told to. When we play, we always have another player read our encounters, so I would recommend you do the same with this document.

4) Tracking Sheets. This allows you to keep track of the status of each of your investigators, objectives, allies, and the results of each scenario, as well as any other game rewards or penalties. There is no "scorekeeping," but there is a lot of other information that needs to be tracked from one session to the next. The setup assumes that you are playing two player, so you would need to adjust the chart on the first page if you are playing with more.

The campaign requires Arkham Horror, Dunwich Horror, the Curse of the Dark Pharaoh, the Black Goat of the Woods, and the Lurker at the Threshold (though only the first three are absolutely required).

The campaign was designed for two players, though there is no reason why it couldn't be played with a different number of players. If so, then the size of the investigator pool should change (5 per player, increasing to 6 per player beginning in the 6th scenario).

The basic mechanic of the game is that the investigators have Objectives that they are attempting to achieve, in addition to directly combating the Ancient Ones. The Objectives will allow them to advance the plot or will open up powerful new abilities. Progress toward uncompleted objectives carries over from game to game, and some Objectives may well take 2-3 games to complete. The Investigators will need to strike a balance between advancing their objectives and combating the eldritch threats through more conventional means.

The campaign gives some continuity for investigators, allowing them to retain clues, memberships, blessings, and some of their gear (but forcing them to keep injuries, madness, and curses).

Given the overall difficulty of 2-player Arkham, we play with a house rule for controlling the flow of mythos cards, proposed by Tibs in this thread. In general, though, don't get discouraged if you lose some rounds, as long as you are making progress on the objectives.

I'd love any feedback, as everything is still very much in draft form. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.



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First thank you for your campaign. Sounds really interesting. We got the idea of how cool it would be to play an arkham horror legacy after player pandemic legacy and betrayal legacy. And then found out about your campaign!!!

 Next week we're going to play the first two scenarios. Unfortunately, we don't have the dark pharaoh and the black goat expansionsWe're going to attempt to substitute missing cards with cards from the miscatonic expansion and fan creations.

But there's still question. Are you going to create other campaigns with or without other expansions? Or do you know further campaigns made by fans?


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