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Basing advice

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I have never done basing before so want some advice. I have used a Vallejo basing paste and glued on some static grass but I want to know whether I should spray a varnish over the grass? What do you guys do?

You end up handling the trays so much in this game I am worried the grass will wear off quickly if I don’t spray over it. I will also add some little bushes. Should I spray over them or add them after varnish? I was thinking after. 

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Here's my basing approach, its cheap and nasty but works a treat.

  1. Get soil out of the garden, as dry as possible as you want the little 'rocks' that come with dry soil (yes sand is fine but I prefer the extra texture of soil)
  2. Before spray undercoating brush a goodly amount of wood glue on base, dont be shy lay it on pretty thick it will dry clear anyway.
  3. Dip base into bowl of soil
  4. Spray undercoat model, I use mat black spray from local hardware store
  5. After painting the model start with dark brown paint and work to light brown (let dry in between), just drag your brush over it no need to to be really thorough, use less paint on the secod two browns as you are wanting just to catch the tops of the soil
  6. Paint the rim of the base to get rid of blemishes
  7. Using wood glue again I usually put on 3 thick blobs of glue on the base
  8. Dip in first choice of flock, knock excess flock off
  9. Let dry for 5 minutes or so
  10. Repeat steps 7 & 8
  11. Put on fancy stuff like flowers or grass clumps



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