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Names, Abbreviations & Shorthand

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It appears that the writers never considered that players and GM's tend to use shorthand...

Bonus Successes is problematic - it becomes BS...

Attack Action vs Assist Action. Scheme vs Support. Attack, Help, Plot, and Support would be better - becomeing AA HA, PA, SA.

Dice Symbol names: Strife vs Success... Discord or Tension would be better, and solve the shorthanding.

Also - on the character sheet: Ninjo and Giri need parenthesized english translations.

The variety of labels for advantge/disadvantage traits is a bit of a pain.

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To be honest, for the dice results, I'd probably look for an agreed 'symbol shorthand' that people actually have on their keyboards....

* for opportunity is the easy one. 

I'm less sure for success, explosive success, and strife. @, maybe, for strife.




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