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Togashi Kugeli

Ani- Mayham LCG make deal Funmation..

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First played  Ani- Matham CCG 1996 Anime Expo.  Bubblegum Crysis, Ramnaa 1/2, El Hazard & Techi Muyo  characters 1st run. The future expansions with Armitage, Oh my Goddes, Project A -ko, Dominion tank police, Phantom quest corp & Dragonball Z

Made by Upperdeck an open ended system allow all characters interact.  Stats fighting Fireball/shield & Cuteness/ charm. They had locations, Disasters & items as part of the mechanics. You can even play by yourself. 

Is it possible if Fantasy Flight work a deal with Funmation?

They have  so much:

"One Piece," "Fairytail," "Attack on Titan" " Black Butler," "Assasination classroom," "Full Metal Alchemist," "Fist of Northstar," "Fruit Basket." "My Hero Acadamia," "Ghost in a Shell," "Afro-Samurai " "Akira," "Baka and test," "Code Geass," "Evangelion,"  "High School DxD," "Tokyo Ghoul," "Outlaw Star," "School Rumble," & "Rurouni Kenshin." 

****... breaking the bank on Core sets &  Expansions is this LCG happens?

What are everyone else opinions?


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Funimation only has the distribution rights for certain shows in certain territories (usually English-speaking continental America). The actual IPs are owned by the original makers of those shows, usually the production studios and the original creators, which are not all the same people. FFG would have to negotiate with them, not Funimation.

Possible, sure, but highly improbable it will ever happen.

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FFG doesn't own the idea of an LCG. Heck, AEG only sold L5R to them after AEG initially planned to simply get advice from them on how to convert the CCG to an LCG. Turned out FFG offered a giant check.

Personally, I'd love an anime-themed LCG; I refuse to spend money on any CCG.

On 10/14/2017 at 2:29 AM, TylerTT said:

ah yeah the first ever co-op CCG! beat LOTR LCG to it by decades! 

getting the licenses to do this again would be almost impossible.

Would it? Isn't Weiss Schwarz already doing it?

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oh it's way easier for a Japanese company to make something like this happen than an American company. in America there are all sorts of licensing deals in place that are very hard to navigate. specifically any properties like dragon ball that were part of Ani-Mayham. there were some great cross license fighting Video games made for the DS that were never brought to America thanks to licensing issues.

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