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Continuing off Canon, I decided to take a look at Hutt Space. Mainly, how the Hurts maintained control of 1/10 or more of the Galaxy, depending on time period. Hutt Space always seems to be a thing regardless of era. It needs to be more than just the financial power of the Hutt Cartels. Even the Intergalactic Banking clan couldn't maintain that level of influence. 

The Hutts need a fleet of imposing capital ships, such that no powerful government was ever willing to cross the Hutts. Enter the Hutt War Barge.

The Hutt War Barge is my own "Head Canon" creation to explain why Hutt space remained devoid of a Large Imperial presence.  While the Hutts had no desire to expand , they would need a powerful Capital Ship for defence. Half war ship, and half pleasure cruise shp,  the Hutt War Barge  allows the Hutt Cartels to control systems, and destroy unautherised pirates. The heavily armored hulls and high starfighter capacity also make a major Imperial campaign against Hutt space far too costly while the Rebel Aliance continues to exist.

Here is the key to the long endurance of Hutt Space. The Hutts want influence in the rest of the Galaxy, but have no ambitions for conquest. The Cartels don't inhibit trade, on the contrary, the offer an ever present neutral third party. The Hutt War Barge is the perfect defense. A highly durable ship, that carries enough weaponry and squadrons to make an unnecessary conflict with the Hutts a costly proposition. It is and always has been easier just to leave Hutt Space alone.

So, without further rambling, I introduce the Hutt War Barge.


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This time I decided to skirt the edge of Star Wars Canon.
Based on this drawing that was originally intended to appear in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Incredible Cross-Sections.


Here is my take on the YT-1300 Freight Pusher Module.



As can be seen here the existing YT-1300 model for Star Wars Armada fits snugly into the peg slot and around the center of the module.



My initial prototype is a generic freight module, with other versions to follow.


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