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TIE interceptor 181st title

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1 hour ago, GreenDragoon said:

They look beautiful!

For strategic discipline: by now they would probably solve that by a condition card to keep track of the chosen ship. It seems a bit too expensive. Also, to nitpick, it's probably supposed to be tactical discipline. Strategy is on a much larger scale

Thanks! In practice, I find that by having one flanker and two going head on, SD triggers a LOT if you pick your ship right, and it really makes the difference in having one squint squeak out alive in a high speed pass. especially if you can get in there with a 5 and then boost barrel roll and cause a bump to get the title off as well. the higher cost is to make sure it'd bring fel up to 38pts if fel took it. I don't want it to be an auto-buy, and at 3pts you have to generally pick only one or two squints to have it if they've got PTL and AT as well. 
Ahh yea, see, originally the card was called tactical mastery. But that was more of a maneuvering ability. So then it was changed to the current focus fire type rule, and I thought it fell more in the category of the strategy of hitting one ship first. But that's still a tactic, so I was mistaken. 

Tactical discipline it will be on the next pass. ;)

31 minutes ago, Lobokai said:

Great looking cards. 

Strategic Discipline is basically what I've been saying would make a good Tie Title for about a year now. 

Thanks! I worry about it being TOO strong when the ships that have it go up above 3 or 4. a miniswarm of crack shot ties don't even need howlrunner with it, and they'd be really murderous. Food for thought though!!!

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