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Looking for a couple of players in our game

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Hello my names Andy but i go by derp or Urist on steam.

Im in desperate need of a couple players in my DH game as all the people i can dont have the time to do it

Currently its me and a few players

After anybody from across europe to the US (Preferably east coast). Im in the UK btw so games are based around UK times.

The day we do each session is Sundays at 3pm but that can be flexible and also im happy to GM for things over the week if everyone is up for it and happy with it.

The Story: (Prologue)


If youre interested then add me on steam: http://prntscr.com/gw4e13

if the link doesnt load then the steam name is UristMcDerp and i have a car as a profile picture

We use Discord to communicate, ill invite you to the server after you messaged me.

We use Roll20 for the actual game


Thanks for reading! 

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New Game Set up

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