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Smelt rat hunt!

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I was thinking of a scenario written more or less just to give the PCs a chance to grab some decent gear and in fact mostly be paid in gear. 

The idea is the players encounter smelt rats on a mission and one of them realizes (or I hint to him)  that the local AM base will likely be very interested in these creatures as they could represent heretek activity or other issues the omnissiah may wish dealt with.  So if he makes a report to THE local magos and,  even better,  drops off a dead smelt rat,  he gets called back to the factorum temple and asked to investigate further.  The temple is currently busy and has little personnel to spare just now so be is asked to recruit a party to accompany him.  The am is willing to offer some material inducement to non members,  with even more if they accomplish all goals. So he likely taps THE other PCs and they get some ammo and maybe a few other items.


The goals are to find  more smelt rats,  record a battle with them via a pict servo skull provided,  get more specimens, try to retrieve an example if a smelt rat king to study their ability to merge,  and 'tag' some smelt rats with irradiated powder so they can be tracked to their lair.  (Don't worry,  the irridiated dust is harmless,  of course it is,  but some filter masks are available if requested.) 

Possibly a worn out servitor scheduled for recycling would be provided as the smelt rats will be drawn to it. 

If the PCs do well they may be given more gear as payment.  Then of course when tracker skulls trace the irradiated dust to a source,  maybe the players get tapped again.  Hereteks?  Some bizarre self replicating archeotech? Xenotech? Chaos? More risks,  more tasks,  more gear. 


Any critiques on this? 


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