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Spain National AAR

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Hi all,

My name is Oscar Puebla and I have been lucky enough to win the Spain National Tournament of Star Wars Armada last week. I was asked by the TO to provide him with a short AAR and this is my attemp to translate it into English. So, since I am not a native speaker/writer, please have mercy of it, most of the typing mistakes are mine.... the others come from a Spanish Keyboard

I will start with my list; first I thought about bringing an Ackbar fleet with 2 MC30s and 3 transports to activate an A wing CAP, but after some tests I decided to put it down and focus on a Empire Sloane Fleet with 2 Glads and Tie Aces. The fighters were in the begining activated by a Quasar I, but after a couple of defeats against some friends of my local Armada comunity, in which I lose the Quasar twice, leaving the fighters without an efective way of being activated; I decided to follow my friend Keo´s advice and changed the Quasar for 2 Gozantis with Lambdas to activate squadrons from the opposite side of the table. You many lose the blue dice provided by Flight Controllers and the 6 fighters Alpha Strike, but you get an extra ship activation and Gozantis are much less vulnerable than Quasars that must follow squadrons in the middle of the battle. After all these changes the list finished like this:


Spain National Oscar Puebla (389/400)


Gladiator I (56 + 55)

+ Admiral Sloane (24)

+ Minister Tua (2)

+ Ordnance Experts (4)

+ Engine Techs (8)

+ Assault Concusion Missiles (7)

+ Insidious (3)

+ Electronic Countermeasures (7)


Gladiator I (56 + 30)

+ Skilled Firts Officer (1)

+ Ordnance Experts (4)

+ Engine Techs (8)

+ Assault Concusion Missiles(7)

+ Demolisher (10)


Gozanti class Cruisers (23 + 7)

+ Expanded Hangar Bay (5)

+ Vector (2)


Gozanti class Cruisers (23 + 7)

+ Expanded Hangar Bay (5)



Colonel Jendon (20)

Dengar (20)

Sontir Fel (18)

Ciena Ree (17)

"Howlrunner" (16)

Lambda Class Shuttle (15)

"Mauler" Mithel (15)

Valen Rudor (13)



Superior Positions

Hyperspace Assault

Most Wanted


Both Glads are equipped in a similiar way, with both titles and Sloane with Tua and ECMs to protect the admiral, not only for the 111 point that her ship is worth, but also to keep her alive to make her magic with squadrons. Both Gozantis with Expanded Hangar Bay and banked token in the first turn, allow me to activate all 8 fighters in 2 shifts, and Vector makes Mithel hit at distance 6.

Skilled First officer brings Demo price down, instead of Intel Officer or Wulff, because damage is provided by bringing down shields with ACMs and squadrons, and also SFO allow me to change an order if needed in an emergency, like changing order to Squadrons if one Gozanti is shot down or an Engineer order to save Demo, this last change has saved Demo more than once, although during the National I didn´t have the need to use SFO.

Basic orders during a normal game are Maneuver for both Glads and Squadrons for both Gozantis. If I have to change any of my orders is because something is going really wrong, if not, this two sets of orders are enough.

Squadrons are quite clear. 6 ties Aces with Swarm and Scatter. Sontir becomes my Escort with a 4 blue dice counterattack, I expect him to die always unless facing a squadron less fleet.

The objetives are simple. Most Wanted gives me dices and points advantage against my foe´s most expensive ship. Superior position gives me deployment advantage and a posible point harvest against rear sectors; and Hyperspace Assault allows me to deploy Insidious at the back of the enemy fleet, throwing black dices like blue ones, and keeping Sloane out of the most dangerous arcs of the enemy. My iniciative bidding of 11 points has made me go first in all games during the National, I think is a list to go first, but I have also played it as second against stratosferic biddings of over 20 points and I have finished victorious.

Now comes the Tournament report. After initial pairings I look for my name in the list and I find out that I have won a Bye. I ask to the TO for any mistake, since this year I haven´t won a Regional, but he confirms me that is ok, because we are an odd number of players; 23 players have come despite the controversy of the dates for the National, thusrday-friday. So, first victory 8-3, I relax and take advantage of the situation to check other games, tables and lists with the other Regional winners.

I can see many more squadrons than expected, because my local Meta is Squadrons Heavy and other regions play even without a single Squadron; many MC80s Home One, wide variety of Admirals and 7 Avenger ISDs, all but 2 with Boarding Troopers. So almost one out of three players has brought and Avenger.

Not quite frightening for me, since I consider that Avenger with BT is the natural predator for slow fleets and Home Ones; but I have practised with my friend Ricardo, he has flown different configurations of Avenger, ISD I and II, with and without iniciative, different admirals, even with Jerjerrod and Dangerous Territory with him going firts with 5 activations, stepping over all the obstacles withou problems, and he has never been able to activate BT, because my Glads have always flown with maneuver dials.


My first foe is Alejandro. He is flying a Riekan Bomber Aces. Riekan ridding a Galland Haven Mk. II, Boosted Comms and Flight Controllers. Yavaris with Fighter Coordination Team and Flight Commander. 3 unarmed transports, one with Adar Tallon, one with Comms Net and the last one with Bright Hope and Bomber Command. His fighter wingg is composed of 2 VCX, Dagger Squadron, Ten Numb, Luke Skywalker, Dutch Vender, Gold Squadron and Corran Horn.

I go first and choose Solar Corona. I deploy centered with Gozantis facing my side to flight next to the table border activating Squadrons. Fighters in 2 groups towars the center and Glads in the back. I decide to throw my fighters as soon as posible, while both Glads speed up to catch Galland Haven and Yavaris that are flying in colum and have no fire upgrades so I think I can stand any damage they may throw at me. My fighters suffer a lot from double taps by Yavaris activated Ten Numb and Dutch, at the end of the game I have lost all my squadronns but Jendon, but in turn 3 Riekan is down. I have maneuvered both Glads to frontal sector of the Mk, after that Yavaris and two transports go down. At the end of the game he only keeps Bright Hope witth 2 damage cards, 2 VCX and Corran, I have lost almost all my fighters but my ships are almost undamaged. 318 – 114, which means another 8-3 for me.


My second game is against Victor´s imperial fleet. Motti rides and Avenger ISD I with BT and reinforced blast doors; a Victoria I without any upgrade; one Arquitens with Hand of Justice and TRCs, one Gozanti with Comms Net and Howlrunner with 6 generic Tie Fighters and 2 generic Advanced Ties. I go first again and chose Mine Fields. Victor deploys all mines at distance 4-5 of my right side, blocking my right flank, so I deploy both Gozantis facing my right covered by the mines and my Glad and Esquadron on the left side facing all his fleet.

I will shot down all his fighters during turns 2 and 3, jumping in the middle of his fleet and surviving all his flak except for Sontir who is my only lost for the game. By the end of turn 3 Demo and Insidious have shot down his gozanti and Arquitens. His Victory flies at speed 2 and will exit the table trying not to be flanked by my Glads. His ISD has lost his brace token to my Sloane fighters, they are also bringing down all his shields and redirect tokens while my generic Lambda has towed a mine token and it has thrown to the face if the ISD.

At the begining of turn 6 I have concentrated all fire on his ISD, I leave his Victory harmlessly exit the table, activate first Demo to save it because it has lost all shields at the front right side and rear, so it can fly out of ISD arcs. He activates ISD fires without too much luck to Insidious at medium range and then it gets close to my Glad. Insidious gets a critical black with his rear sectors to his shieldless ship, 4 cards, right side with 4 black and rerolls only gets another 4 cards, so far ISD has 9 damage cards. 6 activations of my esquadrons in the last turn mean 1 useless accuracy and the last 5 cards needed to blown his Flagship. Final score 400 to 18.


I finish first of the Swiss with 26 points and I will play the Top 2 against my friend Keo who has also come from my Home Town. He is flying Cracken with 3 Hammer heads with OE, external racks and Task Force Antilles, his flagship is Admo with Lando, OE, H9 lasers and APTs; 2 unarmed transports with 3 VCX, 4 generic A wings and Shara Bey.


Keo and I have been playing each other for a while testing our fleets for the National, and after every game some minor changes have been made to both fleets. During the Swiss he has shot down 2 Home ones and one ISD, making second with 25 points. His objetives are Most Wanted, Fire Lanes and Intel Sweep. I don´t want to start under in the score since you only need one point over you foe to win the game, so I chose Most Wanted.

I make my usual deployment, and he choses my Demo and one of his transports. I decide to avoid ship combat and focus on winning the squadrons battle. By the end of turn 3 I have shot down all his fighters while losing Sontir and Dengar, that will make 114 to 38 points for me. I fly to avoid all the arcs of all the HHs and the only clear shot he has is one when Admo double target both my Glads, so I decide to activate first Demo so it flies away, and Insidious can ECM my H9ed Brace token. In the end  only one Card will be assigned to Insidious by APTs.


And this is it. Now my only worry is to figure out how many Liquor Stores or chemistries I have to robe to afford the trip to Worlds next year, because is my intention to fly there and meet you over the tables Gentlemen.




Edited to correct more spelling mistakes.

Edited by OpForces

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