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Starting techniques

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I think I may have missed something somewhere, but why/how are most characters starting with a technique that requires school rank 2?  For example, I was making a Bayushi Manipulator, and it said I start with Lord Bayushi's Whispers, but that technique (on Page 140) says prerequisite is School Rank 2.  I doubt this is an oversight, because looking at a few other combinations I saw starting characters with Rank 2 abilities right out of the gate.  If anyone could help me with what I missed, I'd be grateful.  Thanks!

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Page 107

If a technique has any school ranks, ring values, skill ranks, other techniques,
or other attributes that a character must possess to purchase the
technique with experience, these are listed in the prerequisites field.
Some techniques have no prerequisites, in which case this category is not
listed. Note that if a character receives a technique during character creation
(or at another time) for which they do not meet the prerequisites,
they can still use this technique—prerequisites apply only to the option to
learn the technique by spending experience.

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