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Waiqar list

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Here's a list I'm considering trying on Saturday.

Reanimate Archers 2x1 18

Combat Ingenuity 6

Reanimate Archers 2x1 18

Close Quarters Targeting 3

Reanimated 3x3 50

Support Carrion Lander 6

Aggressive Drummer 5

Blighted Vexilum Bearer 3

Ankaur Mari 20

Reanimates 2x2 26

Carrion Lancer2x1 27

Carrion Lancer 15

I'm thinkin about dropping the smaller block of Reanimates and  2x1 Carrion Lancers to add Ardus.

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If you drop both Carrion Lancers for Ardus, you can move Ankaur Maro to the 2x2 block of Reanimates, so they can keep refilling your 3x3 with trays. That's probably what I would do if I had that many Reanimates. In that scenario, I really like your Close Quarters archers blocking for your blighting archers, so that you can continue to lay on the hurt/blight. Maybe something like this:

Ardus IxErebus x1 [37]
--Unique: Ancient Technique [2]
----------Total Unit Cost: 39

Reanimates x9 [50]
--Champion: Necromancer [3]
--Heavy: Support Carrion Lancer [6]
--Heraldry: Blighted Vexillum Bearer [3]
--Training: Lingering Dead [3]
----------Total Unit Cost: 65

Reanimates x4 [26]
--Champion: Ankaur Maro (I) [20]
----------Total Unit Cost: 46

Reanimate Archers x2 [18]
--Training: Close Quarters Targeting [3]
----------Total Unit Cost: 21

Reanimate Archers x2 [18]
--Equipment: Tempered Steel [3]
--Training: Combat Ingenuity [6]
----------Total Unit Cost: 27

TOTAL: 198

A key difference is adding Lingering Dead to the large block of Reanimates so you can hit hard against Spearmen and Oathsworn Cavalry that attack first.

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Close quarters targeting on a 2x1 of archers is a 21 point unit that takes 8 hits to kill. I would just spend 15 on a carrion lancer that takes 9 or more hits and can add blight as it moves in and attacks well when in melee...

In your first list Ankaur Maro will only be able to add trays to the archers and 2x2 of reanimates. I agree with Parakitor, add Ardus, put Maro in the 2x2 and let him bring in trays for the 3x3 and the archers.

My list without being able to see it right now is something like...

Ardus and an upgrade or two like ancient technique (39)

3x3 with blighted vexillum and front line carrion (59) (I do like the necromancer and lingering dead add, though lingering dead can cause trouble for ankaur adding trays)

2x1 archer w/ combat ingenuity (24)

carrion lancer (15)

carrion lancer (15)

2x2 reanimate with maro (46)

Total 198

You can drop a carrion lancer to beef up Ardus with better upgrades if you'd like.

Carrion lancers block for the 3x3 making sure they don't get flanked, ardus can also be in that mix. Keep the archers near ardus for his ability to take their lightning surge. stays back enough to add trays and not get in the way. build the 2x1 archers to 2x2 first then make the reanimates 3x4 and from there build as much as you can. I added 14 trays in a match with this once.


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