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Symbols on Dice

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I really like how the symbols get get used.

Still I have two minor points that I like to address:

1st: I would prefer if the symbol for Oppotunity is more distinct from Success and Explosive Success. Maybe using a Kanji, or something else that doesn't look lie another more or less round shape that can get confused for a different symbol.

2nd: Even though I think this might be less of an issue here than it wars in Star Wars, but I hope that the placing of the symbols on the dice will be in a way makes cheating not as easy as it is on the Star Wars dice which are in my opinion rather bad designed.

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The symbols look quite nice and are perfectly readable during the game.
Before the game we were worried it won't be very clear but we had no problems with determining the results after all.
Shapes are quite distinctive.

More problematic was connecting Rings to SKills, for example what would be a simple awareness roll, when
you sit indoors, eat, drink. Survival would be OK but outside.


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On 10/13/2017 at 8:27 PM, Ikoma Sentan said:

While we are commenting on the symbols, I would like it very much if they added a gray text box explaining what each of the symbols was (cherry blossom petal, chrysanthemum flower, migi hitotsudomoe, and migi mitsudomoe), and how its meaning relates to L5R. 

It's in the main body text for the Strife.


The Strife symbol (), a stylized single cherry blossom petal, represents an upwelling of emotion within the character 

It's not in the others. 

Page 12

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