The "leak" negatively impacted the game

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8 hours ago, Gadgetron said:


Me. I wrote that as example for an acceptable statement. Maybe they would spend more than a few seconds on it like I did, but you get the gist of it.

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On 10/8/2017 at 1:02 PM, tangoraven said:

This is a gripe.

I'm in a holding pattern for X Wing and was wondering if anyone else felt the same.

The "FAQ leak" indicated potential nerfs to certain builds and indirect boosts to others.

This makes me reluctant to build lists, test builds and practice stuff that may or may not be phased out eventually by a FAQ.

Of course the situation isn't just the leaker's fault. FFG's total lack of response to said leak exacerbated the situation. Even a statement without confirming or denying will be nice.

Building/testing/practicing lists that assumes that the actual FAQ will eventually pan out doesn't work either as even if the leaker was right (and is person of flawless integrity, impeccable judgement and nostradamatic foresight), I have no clue when said FAQ will be released and if it will be altered due to aforesaid leak.

I'm sad to state that my gaming frequency plummeted and I observe that for some others in my local gaming group, that too is happening. We are excited over the new stuff that have been spoiled and probably want to get back into gaming as soon as possible. But we are in a holding pattern.

Gripe over. Sorry.

I was in this funk for a week or two, but the answer is "just practice anyway" with a dose of "try different stuff." General game knowledge is always a useful skill, and you'll be more prepared for large tourneys in the long run. ****, I've been flirting playing with Scum (the faction I said I would never play).

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