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Worlds 2017 Runewars Info

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FFG is starting to roll out more info for Worlds.  No word on Runewars prizes yet, but they have revealed the schedule and side events.


The main event will be 4 rounds long, with a cut to top 4.

There's a team side event where each player provides a 200 point army, and all models on a side count as friendly to each other.  No word on the armies being of the same faction.

There's also two painting competitions, one for armies, and one for single models.

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1 minute ago, Waywardpaladin said:

Elves and Daqan teaming up would be lore friendly.

Daqan and Waiqar would be a lord turning his allegiances to Waiqar for promised immortality.

Every other combination is... dubious.


Elves and Uthuk would be Maegan usurping the elves and actually doing what the gossippers say she wanted to.  

Human/Uthuk is the one you can't really hack.

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