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This will be my third time playing L5R dating back to the 1990's, with the last time being Celestial when I was done with the "collectable" aspect of the customizable card game genre.  As I dust off my Origins 2002 L5R shirt in preparation for TO duties at my local FLGS this weekend I have also been reflecting on a game, that has been more than a game, which I have played and loved across very different periods of my life.  I look forward to embarking on the L5R adventure once again!

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Thanks for sharing Mark. Very touching and sincere. While I haven't lived and breathed L5R like you have, I certainly share in your excitement, optimism, and pleasant surprise, due to exceeded expectations. Now its time to play this durn game!

Its weird, I just picked up my cores, on release day (right outta the box, not even stocked!), and plan on attending the two local launch events - yet somehow I feel behind. Blast all you lucky Gencon attendees and people patient enough to proxy. But now this **** is real! /happydance/

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On 10/5/2017 at 7:04 AM, Hinomura said:

Posted this on my Facebook page today, and wanted to share it here too.


"All of my dreams, that fell through, and have tasted so sour
Take second place, in my mind, for this one sacred hour.
Still, I've been moved, for so long, by this strange fascination
Here, as i stand, all alone, in complete concentration."
Bear with me. This is going to be emotional.
Today is the official release of the Legend of the Five Rings Living Card Game. Fantasy Flight Games bought the IP from AEG, who had produced the game almost continuously for twenty years (with a nod to the time the game spent at WotC/Hasbro), back in 2015, and stripped the game down to redesign a twenty plus year old system into a sleek, modern game.
Five Rings has always been about more than 'just' the game though, and FFG very much took that into account, treating the setting, the spirit, and the community with great respect, and their plans going forward are genuinely invigorating and hugely exciting.
I owe who I am to Five Rings. It changed me for the better, helped me strive to become the person I wanted to be, solidified me as at least a somewhat useful and respectable human being. I can never repay that debt, to the designers, to AEG, to the community, to my friends and peers who provided me with inspiration and example, and continue to do so each day.
I look back at the wave of posts we made following the sale announcement, and I'm so proud of how we all reacted. Many expected anger, bitterness, resentment. Instead, my Facebook feed was filled with so many positive thoughts and memories, and one thing underscored it all: we were not done. That was not the end. Whatever happened going forward, we were not through.
I don't think even the most optimistic of us expected the level of excitement, enthusiasm, and interest that we've seen. Nobody thought we'd be selling seven hundred seats to a tournament at GenCon. Nobody expected to see retailers posting pictures of veritable walls of product. We were always a niche game, passionate but resigned to being that little oddity in the corner where players dressed up and shouted before their tournaments.
My main hope when FFG took over was that, simply, I'd still get to play something similar to the game I loved with friends old and new. They've exceeded that hope by so many orders of magnitude.
This is our first day on the new path, and so many new faces are joining us, just as so many old friends are returning.
This is everything I wanted and more. I can't wait to see where we all go from here.
We are L5R. And we are home.

Gain 3 honor

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Thanks for this post, Hinomura.  I am a natural curmudgeon but I was very excited for the relaunch of L5R.  I am taking the plunge into a card game for the first time in about 20 years and am very excited to see a new version of the RPG (I own nearly every L5R RPG product from each edition). 

There are so many threads currently going on these Forums with such raving blind negativity, it makes me wish L5R had stayed dead and lost to nostalgia but this thread reminds me that there are still some people around who are happy to play a game and embrace the new.


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