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Star Wars Clone Wars: Cyclone Squad OOC

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On 1/22/2020 at 3:44 PM, Rabobankrider said:

@Shlambate, no problem

@Xcapobl, you are up when available. 

Swamp Combat:

  1. @Petragor07, short range of creature
  2. @Shlambate, short range of creature
  3. @Xcapobl, engaged range of creature, boost on next check
  4. @Edgehawk, engaged range of creature
  5. Creature: 4 soak, adversary 1, 20/22 wounds

I guess this mentioning me to be engaged is what got me. So I don'd have to spend the maneuver to get from engaged to short, and as such don't spend 2 Strain for the extra Aim maneuver then, as that would be my regular maneuver. The rest can stay the same just fine.

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@Petragor07, if you want this is a good time to introduce your character to the others. You have just come from the walker that they are currently looking for (though you may not know why they are here ic). The last thing you remember was something grabbing your squad as you were knocked out. Before that your squad was investigating the strange disappearances at the main base and an energy reading near by. 

@Xcapobl, @Edgehawk's wounds are over halfway done, so it will be an average medicine check. Bare in mind though that if you spent too long in this spot whatever is following you will catch up. 

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You have got to be kidding me... 😂

Medicine check on Gunslinger: 3eP+2eD+1eS 0 successes, 2 threat

Two minutes is far too short, and all the humdrum around him seems to stress CT-4077 out a little... 🤣



Stimpack inserted. That's like 5 wounds returned, plus 1 for Stimpack Specialisation. Minus any stimpack treatments that Gunslinger received earlier.

@Edgehawk You must really trust your new squad medic now, don't you? 🤣

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