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Star Wars Clone Wars: Cyclone Squad OOC

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I just realised it probably makes sense to keep a list of the armoury on the front page of the ooc thread. @Von3679 I'm not listing your puzzle rings as that's only a force user thing, and I'm not listing the backpacks as that is something everyone has as a part of their own personal inventory. If anyone does want to claim a specific item from the armoury on the ooc thread, let me know, and I recommend adding it to your sheet under a personal armoury section, as if it is yours specifically, you can add attachments etc to the item to customise it to your use. 

I also forgot that the rappel gun is an attachment and has a hardpoint cost of one, so if you guys want we can say they were attached to your pistol/rifle before the mission. 

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@Von3679, I can see it yeah. So this time you don't find anything new about the puzzle rings, but you can try again later if you want. You may be able to get another jedi or researcher to help out with it in the future. 

@Shlambate, you should have an encumbrance capacity of 10 with the republic backpack (imperial army military pack stats, giving you +6 to the ec.) and the utility belt. Each grenade is 1 encumbrance, so you can take as many as your capacity allows (it's a crate of 12). As a quick point, you don't seem to have you secondary weapon (knife or heavy blaster pistol) listed, so that will add to your encumbrance.

@Xcapobl, when you have done your medicine check, I'll sort the secne of you guys heading out, unless there is anything else you want to do.  

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Ok everyone, you will be pleased to know that @Petragor07 will be joining the squad. 

@Petragor07 here are the character creator instructions: 

Ok, standard creation rules of any spec of your choice (providing it fits the military setting). You will be using human (mandalorian) stats, which has 2 in all stats, +11 for wounds and +10 for strain. 105 starting xp and either 1 rank in a combat skill or 2 ranks to split between 2 knowledge skill each. 

We are using duty, so you can spend that on extra xp if you want. You also get the recruit universal spec for free. After that you get 45xp to represent the previous sessions xp, but that is for after initial creation. 

In terms of equipment you get laminate armour for protection. For weapons you get a primary and a secondary. You can request any primary that a clone would have used (just double check it with me first). For your secondary you can choose between either a heavy blaster pistol or a combat knife. You also get a thermal detonator, and one piece of equipment to help your character relevant to the spec. You also have access to a republic army military back pack. It is cumbersome 2, but adds six to your encumbrance capacity. Finally, you have access to a rappel launcher that can be attached to one of your guns for the cost of one hard point and 1 encumbrance. 

@Shlambate, you are correct, I completely forgot about that. It is 5 as a base, then plus the modifiers I listed. 

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