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Star Wars Clone Wars: Cyclone Squad OOC

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@Edgehawk, as you look around the room, you notice a small handheld device on the side near the centre console. At first glance it could be mistaken as trash, but with a closer look you realise that it is actually some kind of tracking remote that's been very hurriedly cobbled together. With the advantage, it seems to still work. 

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Dispensing with Perception, CT-4077 goes straight for the comms unit.

I'm a medic, not a mechanic: 3eA+3eD+2eS 5 failures, 1 threat

Not too shabby, I'd say...

Oh, wait. Failures for me, not for the communicator to stay broken. Why didn't it fail to stay broken?



Edit: took a strain from a shock, seemed most appropriate in the situation.

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This section is really down to you guys at the moment, I can't progress the plot without taking away from your control over the characters. Is there anything you guys want to do with what you have currently:

  • Tracker (average comptuer or mechancis to investigate)
  • Broken comm (may be able to salvage something from it if you have any creative ideas).
  • Other command centre tech (lots of readouts on terraforming etc, hard computer or xenology check to look into)
  • Missing walker
  • Mention of strange structure on the moon
  • Gungan corpses (hard medicine or xenology check to investigate, both with 1 setback).  

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@Shlambate, you do have the heavy repeaters, but they are unsurprisingly very heavy and do take 3 actions to set up with the power pack and tripod. Beyond that you would find in the barracks room a crate of 12 frag grenades, and a rack of rifles and pistols, each with a spare clip of ammo. You'd also find a couple of suits of spare armour complete with the oxygen pack you guys have, and an oxygen refuelling pump to top up your own packs. 

Just as a reminder, after the Corouscant mission you had received a missile tube as well, so if you still have the encumbrance  capacity you can bring it with you (if not you would have had to leave it on the shuttle that brought you here so you can collect it later).

As a point for you guys (@Edgehawk, @Von3679 and @Shlambate), this is what you walked away with from Corouscant. I'm going to say you can keep with equipmet meant for those who have dropped out, as you put the effort in to earn it. 

  • A strange set of puzzle rings (1 encumbrance (specific to @player3333902)).
  • Collection of military combat manuals on naval, mass and urban combat, a well as a manual on working behind enemy lines (add a boost on relevant checks, 1 encumbrance each, 4 encumbrance total).
  • Engineer's Hammer (2 encumbrance, adds 2 boost to building or destructive checks, can be used to do melee damage with +3 damage, critical of 5, cumbersome 3, disorient 1 and knockdown). 
  • Missile Tube and 6 missiles (20 damage, critical 2, extreme range, 7 encumbrance, 4 hard points, blast `10, cumbersome 3, guided 3, breach 1, prepare 1, limited ammo 6). 
  • Riot shield (6 critical, 5 encumbrance, cumbersome 3, defensive 2, deflection 2, disorient 1, has mag-lock to allow range heavy weapons to be used with it, but adds a setback dice to checks with both items) and stun baton (melee damage with +2 damage, critical 6, encumbrance 2, hard points 2, disorient 2 and stun damage).
  • You also have a collective 1,000 credits of parts that can be used to upgrade weapons and/or armour.  

You also all get rappel gear (works the same a grapnel launcher), 0 encumbrance and can be attached temporarily to a weapon

You all have access to a republic army military back pack. It is cumbersome 2, but adds six to your encumbrance capacity. 

I would recommend one of you keeps track of this in an 'armoury' section on their sheet (@Edgehawk perhaps as squad leader), as before a mission when you are at a base or on a ship, you will have a chance to change your equipment to suit your mission. 

@Edgehawk, I thought I was going mad because I remembered seeing the check but couldn't find it. 

@Von3679, you want you can try another lore check to investigate the puzzle rings again while the others are doing their jobs (hard lore check with a boost from the advantage last time). 

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