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Star Wars Clone Wars: Cyclone Squad OOC

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10 hours ago, player3333902 said:

: 1eA+1eP+2eD 2 successes, 2 threat


oof. I hope akua doesnt die charging out like that XDDD

Dying from 2 threat?  Naaah, that's nowhere near a "rocks fall everyone dies" kind of dice result :P  

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Ok @Vergence, you have managed to break into the droids brain to look for their leaders, when you're ready you can upload a post of Mynock getting to work on this, and I will post the end result when it's done (max of 2 turns timer). With the advantage you can either have a little extra information and take 2 turns to get it working (this kind of thing takes time unfortunately), or use the advantage to do it in 1 turn so you can help with combat. 

@player3333902, is this a leadership check for mass combat? If so the check will be a bit different. the base check would be 3eA+4eD for the size of the force you are commanding vs the droids troops (clone platoon vs droid battalion). It would then have 2eB on top of that (defendable point and a greater cause than just victory), as well as 2eS (surprise attack and civilians to deal with). The check is then upgraded by your ranks in leadership ( rank) to give you a final roll of 1eP+2eA+2eB+4eD+2eS.  This would represent you leading your force through one action of battle. This depends on what you want to order them to do, eg. holding the line to evacuate the civilians, or to try and push the droids back down the street. In this case the check will be the same but it is up to you what order you issue and how you want to narrate that. I will also allow @Edgehawk to provide an assist as he is your sergeant. 

@Shlambate, it's probably take @Vergence some time to crack the droids brain ic, so I'd say there would be some time for a quick round of combat for you and anyone else wanting to take part. you can roll cool for initiative and I'll give you some of the droids main for to focus on. If you guys are successful it may add a boost (or an upgrade if you really slaughter them, inspiring the others soldiers) to @player3333902's mass combat check to represent the contribution to the battle, so you may want to wait till the combat is done before rolling. 

Also unfortunately it seems that we have lost @satkaz, so I am unfortunately going to have to remove him from the roster. This does leave you guys without a medic so that is something to be aware for this session and for future stuff.

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1 hour ago, Rabobankrider said:

Ok @player3333902, what was the order that Akua was trying to give against the droids?

As of now, she’ll tell the clones to hold the line for the civilians to get away and support each other as much as possible and most importantly to never give up.

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@KungFuFerret, Spanner would have finished up his work by now so could join in if he wanted to. Currently with @player3333902's mass combat check the droids are going to break through unfortunately, but as PC's if you do well in the combat you have the opportunity to change that. Having said that, @player3333902 I would recommend in the future letting the players complete the actions they are involved in before rolling for mass combat to simplify the roll for yourself. :)

Barrier Defence Initiative: 

  1. @Edgehawk
  2. @Shlambate
  3. @player3333902
  4. B1 Battle Droid squad 1: 4 soak, 20/20 wounds, 5/5 men
  5. @KungFuFerret
  6. B1 Battle Droid squad 2: 4 soak, 20/20 wounds, 5/5 men
  7. B1 Battle Droid squad 3: 4 soak, 20/20 wounds, 5/5 men
  8. B1 Battle Droid squad 4: 4 soak, 20/20 wounds, 5/5 men

Ok, you guys all get to go first and try to slaughter this lot. 

If you haven't narrated moving up to the defensive line before it is at short range of your entry point, and the droids are at short range of the barrier on the other side.

Thanks to @Vergence and @KungFuFerret's efforts, the barrier has been reinforced, so will provide 2 setback to enemy attacks due to cover. However there is 1 setback to your attacks if firing through the barrier due to the small gaps for firing limiting your options. If you want to fire over the top of the barrier you can and that removes your setback, but reduces your cover by 1. 

@Vergence is out for the first 2 rounds, but can roll as well for after that if combat lasts that long. 

Also don't forget @player3333902 cleared the use of grenades here if you guys want to use them. 

Edited by Rabobankrider

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I assume its an avg check fr akua too.


Akua attack: 3eP+2eD+1eB 0 successes, 3 advantage, 1 Triumph


oof... will convert the triumph into a boost die.


not sure what to do with the advantages though... I’m thinking of either gaining +1 ranged defense till next turn or using two to get an extra manuever to get out of there while converting the other into a boost

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