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Star Wars Clone Wars: Cyclone Squad OOC

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Just now, Edgehawk said:

Call him an ambulance, Doc. We need you.

Fair enough. Athletics and Perception, correct?

Athletics: 2eP+2eD 1 success, 2 threat

Perception: 2eA+2eD 1 failure, 2 threat

Hah, guess Doc doesn't want to leave anyone behind, so that's troubling him. 2 strain for the Athletics catching up, a Setback because Doc's more preoccupied with the wounded soldier than actually looking. Silly Doc.

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2 hours ago, Shlambate said:

@Quigonjinnandjuice I dont think @Vergence used my upgrade nor did you use the boosts he generated! @Rabobankrider can he reroll that?

Good looking out, I didn't even see your posts when I made mine haha thanks! re rolling now.

With the new roll I got 3 advantages, would I be able to use that to make sure @KungFuFerret keeps up? His roll was blank

Edited by Quigonjinnandjuice

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