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Star Wars Clone Wars: Cyclone Squad OOC

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712th Assault Battalion Cyclone Squad:

Destiny Points:

Light: 4

Dark: 2

Xp earnt: 45

Duty Chart:

  • Slugger: 10, combat victory (2-12)
  • Gunslinger: 2, camaraderie (0-2)
  • CT-4077: 0, support (0)
  • CT-2777: 0, personnel (0)
  • Brick: 0, personnel (0)


  • Collection of military combat manuals on naval, mass and urban combat, a well as a manual on working behind enemy lines (add a boost on relevant checks, 1 encumbrance each, 4 encumbrance total).
  • Engineer's Hammer (2 encumbrance, adds 2 boost to building or destructive checks, can be used to do melee damage with +3 damage, critical of 5, cumbersome 3, disorient 1 and knockdown). 
  • Missile Tube and 6 missiles (20 damage, critical 2, extreme range, 7 encumbrance, 4 hard points, blast `10, cumbersome 3, guided 3, breach 1, prepare 1, limited ammo 6). 
  • Riot shield (6 critical, 5 encumbrance, cumbersome 3, defensive 2, deflection 2, disorient 1, has mag-lock to allow range heavy weapons to be used with it, but adds a setback dice to checks with both items) and stun baton (melee damage with +2 damage, critical 6, encumbrance 2, hard points 2, disorient 2 and stun damage).
  • 1,000 credits worth of parts that can be used to upgrade weapons and/or armour.  


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Cyclone Squad:

@Kymrel, Jedi Padawan, Commander Anler Tar, Consular, Niman Disciple: http://swsheets.com/c/wgevut64f-anler-tar

@Edgehawk, Pvt. CT-5472, 'Gunslinger', Hired Gun, Mercenary Soldier: http://swsheets.com/c/wsqrosfuw-ct-5472

@satkaz, Pvt. CT-4216, 'Doc', Soldier, Medic: http://swsheets.com/c/eqqs0zb0w-ct-4126

@KungFuFerret, Pvt. CT-2112, Engineer, Mechanic: http://swsheets.com/c/fcdhdksxq-ct---2112--span

@Vergence, PVt. CT-6180, Ace, Driver: http://swsheets.com/c/cvjrjzxbx-ct-6180

@Shlambate, Pvt. CT-9182, 'Slugger', Soldier, Heavy: http://swsheets.com/c/rbzpj6dcw-ct-9182

@SHADOWGUARD CHAMPION, Pvt. CT-7777, 'Jackpot': http://swsheets.com/c/zrthep87z-ct-7777

@Matt Skywalker, Pvt. Lana Summers, 'Ice Queen', Soldier, Trail Blazer: http://swsheets.com/c/cvu2ic3vv-lana-ssummers

Destiny Points:

Light: 3

Dark: 8

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Ok, so I'm going from the book here so feel free to offer an alternative, but the failure results in a purple dice for your next check, due to being hard of breathing and eyes streaming. You can choose your advantage if you want, but the book recommends that you get an advantage dice for you and the squad next time you deal with the same stuff. Sound ok?

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Here's my guy:


Description Resilience vs tear gas
Results 2eA+2eD+1eB+1eS: 1 success, 1 advantage [2eA=A, S/A] [2eD=F, Th] [1eB=S] [1eS=-]



Advantage: Can I pass another boost on, even though I think there's still one available from satkaz?

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