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Dash/Lothel list-1st Tournament

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Ok, I am a casual (but fairly serious) player and I am going to attend my first tournament next month. Here is my thoughts on what I am going to bring:

•Dash Rendar (56) - YT-2400

   •Lone Wolf (2)

   Heavy Laser Cannon (7)

   Rey (2)

   •Outrider (5)

   Engine Upgrade (4)


Lothal Rebel (44) - VCX-100

   Accuracy Corrector (3)

   Autoblaster Turret (2)

   "Zeb" Orrelios (1)

   Cassian Andor (2)

   Tactical Jammer (1)


My thoughts:

Get in close and block with the Lothal, let the auto damage happen, the Lothal is there to absorb the damage. Cassian is there more for Dash's benefit, attempting to keep the Lothal between the target and Dash.

I know Nym is hot right now, I am hoping the Lothal has a huge enough hit point reserve to absorb the bombs that are being thrown around. 

Does it seem solid?

Now I am going to be weird and practice maneuvering them by myself.

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Practicing maneuvers isn't that weird.  At least, not on this forum. ;)

I'm not sold on Engine Upgrade on a single-action Dash.  Boosts are nice, but when you already have a Barrel Roll, I wonder if I could get something better for the points.  One popular option these days is Countermeasures.  That can go a long way towards disrupting a strong Missile attack, both by breaking a target lock (and with Cruise Missiles they might not get a good 4-speed move again), and granting the extra agility.  Another really fun option is Snuggling Compartments and Rigged Cargo Chute.  Dash doesn't care about Debris like the Cargo token, and dropping one of those can have a similar effect by obstructing shots for a round, as well as blocking flight lanes.  You can get both Countermeasures and Rigged Cargo Chute for the same price as Engine Upgrade, and I think it'd probably be more useful over the course of games.

I get the goal of what you're doing with Accuracy Corrector Autoblaster and Zeb crew, but I just don't know if a VCX is going to be maneuverable enough to really do that job well.  I guess you don't really need your action offensively, so you should be a bit more free to use Red moves to squeeze in.  Maybe Hera crew would be good for this goal, since you'll have action economy from your Sensor slot.  Zeb is also a very risky card, too.  If you bump nose-to-nose, your opponent will have a Range 1 shot against your 0 agility, and that'll hurt badly (particularly with the low pilot skill of a Lothal Rebel).  Without dice mods to leverage a potential 5-dice attack, I don't think Zeb is really worth it.  Traditionally, cheap Lothal Rebels have preferred Fire Control Systems in the Sensor slot.  That would allow fairly frequent Focus-TL attacks and turn the VCX into more serious threat.  I think it's better to build around primary weapon attacks than Autoblaster Turret when you have a 4-dice primary

As to Tactical Jammer, I've found that hard to trigger unless my squad is really designed to stay in close formation.  I think it'd be almost impossible to both get the TJ obstruction and stay at range 3 for Lone Wolf to trigger on Dash.  An odd crew I kind of like on a Ghost is Chewbacca.  It'll prevent one or two crits, which can be really hard on a high-hull ship like a VCX.  If you use it on the first critical in a Hit-Crit-Crit attack, you'll prevent both crits: the first directly with Chewie's discard, and the second with the new shield token.

Another option would be to try to find the points to upgrade the Autoblaster to a Twin Laser Turret.  I think flying at distance would be easier than trying to "fly in".  With Accuracy Corrector, that'll do the same amount of damage to Nym per turn as Autoblaster would, almost all the time.  I guess Nym could be obstructed sometimes, but mostly it'll be automatic damage against a 1-agility ship.  If you scrapped every crew on the Rebel, you could get there.  Another option for a cheap TLT VCX is Wookiee Commandos.  Rerolling focus results isn't good on one attack, but it's fine if you attack more than once (and amazing if you can attack 4 times, but this isn't a title-Ghost build).  The best systems upgrades with that crew would be Collision Detector (pairs great with the Debris Dash loves to take) or Reinforced Deflectors.


I'd run this:

Dash Rendar (56) YT-2400 Freighter (36), Lone Wolf (2), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Rey (2), Outrider (5), Smuggling Compartment (0), Rigged Cargo Chute (1), Counter-Measures (3)


Lothal Rebel (44) VCX-100 (35), Fire Control System (2), Autoblaster Turret (2), "Zeb" Orrelios (1), Chewbacca (4)


Lothal Rebel (44) VCX-100 (35), Accuracy Corrector (3), Twin Laser Turret (6), "Chopper" (0)


Lothal Rebel (44) VCX-100 (35), Collision Detector (0), Twin Laser Turret (6), Wookiee Commandos (1), Anti-Pursuit Lasers (2)

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Thanks for all the feed back. It feels really weird running Dash without Engines Upgrade. (The friends I casually play with are still into Palp Aces.)

If I go more defensively what about this option:

Dash Rendar (36)
-Expertise (4)
-Heavy Laser Cannons (7)
-Lando Calrissian (3)
-Outrider (5)

55 points

Kanan Jarrus (38)
-Collision Detector (0)
-Dorsal Turret (3)
-Intelligence Agent (1)
-Rey (2)
-Tactical Jammer (1)

45 points

Total: 100 points

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@Stay On The Leader Double-droids looks like a lot of fun.

@Jadotch Lando just feels inconsistent to me, and you won't be able to make offensive use of focus tokens due to Expertise.  C-3PO isn't going to be bad on a YT-2400 as an alternative.  Also, Countermeasures is such a strong burst defense card.  And if pure-defense is the goal, here's another use for Leebo.  His pilot ability helps, and it'd match PS with Kanan for ease of movement.  As to Kanan, I don't really like Dorsal Turret. I think the range just isn't as good as the Autoblaster effect.

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2 hours ago, Stay On The Leader said:

I'd agree in taking the Engine Upgrade off Dash.  It may not even be important to be Dash, how about running two Droids instead...?


What’s the point of having Finn in there?

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I'm looking forward to trying this out next game night:

Dash Rendar (36)
Lone Wolf (2)
Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
Rey (2)
Burnout SLAM (1)
Smuggling Compartment (0)
Outrider (5)

"Chopper" (37)
Reinforced Deflectors (3)
Twin Laser Turret (6)
Wookiee Commandos (1)

Total: 100

View in Yet Another Squad Builder

A pretty standard Dash build with a non-standard ghost. I really like Chopper because his PS 4 and ability are both great against Attanni scouts. Wookiee commandos work on both TLT shots and offer an ability similar to FCS which frees up the systems slot. Reinforced deflectors aren't often taken because FCS is so good, but I think they're well worth it against alpha strike lists. He can evade on turns where he's taking a 4 dice shot and knowing the worst it can possibly do is 2 damage (unless it's a plasma Torp or crits happen). It gives him the edge if I come up against another Dash. I don't want to throw my Dash at theirs, but it would take their Dash 8 turns to kill Chopper!

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