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Command Mats ?

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2 hours ago, Darthain said:

I don't see the value for this sort of item in RW tbh.  For armada it can be useful as you have dials and dials and tokens, but RW, not so much.

That's one thing I like about RW, the bookkeeping is pretty streamlined.  You can see the health directly on the board in trays and wound tokens.  It's really just exhausted cards that you have to manage on the side.

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I like them but in our area you have to keep the bane and boon tokens next to the unit so you loss a bit of utility form the mat.  And you'll consistently need two mats.

Maybe after both my armies are maxed out and I'm looking for something to bling them up a bit.

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On 9/27/2017 at 2:07 AM, Jukey said:

Didn't know these were a thing. Haven't tried them no, but if their cheap I might get a few.


But other than the exhausted card thing, they do have value to us.

We are moving away from having to dig around the minis for tokens and keeping them when pulling trays and such, so we were moving to keeping more record keeping on the cards.

Might not be tourney legal but seems handier. 

So these mats might be neat...

From: https://www.commandmats.com/store/p30/Parchment_Map_-_Runewars_Command_Mat.html

Command Mats are 3 feet wide by 6 inches tall and are printed on a high quality 1/16th thick cloth & rubber play mat. $20 (probably + shipping)

which means I might be with @jek could spend that on an expansion.



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